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  • A Guide to Selecting the Right PFPE Lubricant (.pdf)
    PFPE molecules have different. ity of the molecules in a given batch of fluid. If the molecules. rates of catalysis. While Z fluids offer the best wide-tempera-. in a batch of K fluid, for example, have a narrow range of. ture serviceability, they seem to be more vulnerable to catalyt-. molecular
  • MICRO: Products In Action
    Ball-Valve Seal Solution Eliminates Coolant Leakage Problem Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) fluids are gaining acceptance in a variety of semiconductor applications, particularly as coolants in heat-transfer systems in which fluid must be circulated between a process tool and a chiller. The increased use
  • Synthetic lubricants for the long haul
    different types of PFPEs: PFPE-K, PFPE-Y, PFPE-D, PFPE-M, and PFPE-Z -- or, in PFPE shorthand, K, Y, D, M, and Z fluids. All of them contain carbon, oxygen, and fluorine atoms, but each type of fluid is the product of different starting materials and manufacturing processes. Molecular structure
  • DuPont TM Krytox (R) Lubricants Chemical Stability (.pdf)
    Chemical stability and inertness are critical characteristics of DuPont TM Krytox perfluorinated lubricants (PFPE). Krytox (R) oils and greases will not react with most chemicals3 and other lubricants, nor cause them to degrade. In addition, as a result of their solubility characteristics
  • Developing a New Synthetic Grease to Reduce Instertion Force for Separable Connectors (.pdf)
    goals. This paper. discusses this development process and its outcome: UniFlor™ 8917, a novel, urea-. thickened, perfluoropolyether (PFPE) grease. Independently tested on both 2.8 mm and. 6.35 mm terminal products, UniFlor 8917 easily met the insertion force and resistance. requirements of SAE

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