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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PH3HF Radwell Lci Sensors & Switches, Load Cell POWER MONITOR 3-PHASE HIGH FREQUENCY
PH3HF Radwell Load Controls Inc Sensors & Switches, Load Cell POWER MONITOR 3-PHASE HIGH FREQUENCY
K8AB-PH1 Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Industrial Controls, Meters RELAY CUR MONITOR 3PH 200-500VAC
EMR4PH22 Radwell Moeller Electric Not Provided MONITORING RELAY SHROUD
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  • pH Meters and ORP Meters
    pH meters and ORP meters are used to measure or monitor potential of hydrogen (pH) and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). pH is the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity in solution. The pH value of a substance is directly related to the ratio of the hydrogen ion [H+] and the hydroxyl
  • Ion Selective Field Effect Transistor (ISFET)
    varies. A temperature diode with the Ion Selective Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) simultaneously monitors the temperature at the sensing surface. The changes in current and temperature are correlated by the pH meter to a temperature compensated pH reading.
  • Medical Device Link .
    department, began development work on its next-generation blood parameter monitor, the System 500. Blood parameter monitors are used by perfusionists during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures to continuously provide ongoing information about critical blood parameters, such as pH, CO . CDI chose to partner
  • Comparing Harmonics Mitigating to K-Factor Transformers
    for treating non-linear load generated harmonics. 1. The load harmonic spectrum used is that of a typical 120V, 1-ph., switch-mode power supply. Examples of such loads include personal computers, monitors, telecommunications and broadcasting equipment. 2. Each 112.5 kVA transformer is fed by a distortionless
  • PAT in Perspective: One Size Fits All Software May Not Fit PAT
    to me that that was what a LIMS, or laboratory information management system, hears as it receives data from all the newfangled monitors being employed for process analytical technology (PAT). The software must ingest spectra, pH data, (possibly) acoustic energy readings, and it must also make
  • Monitoring Water Quality Runoff From a Coalmine
    of the surrounding farming district. Therefore it was necessary to closely monitor the quality of water in the retaining dam across several key parameters including pH. Management began searching for a data logging solution with the versatility to connect to a wide range of sensors and capable
  • Liquid Analysis in Mineral Processing
    This paper describes the process applications that take place after mining and prior to refining as they relate to pH / ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity.The implementation of the proper analytical sensors in the common metal extraction processes used today in the minerals industry go far
  • Monitoring slurry stability to reduce process variability
    pH, specific gravity, percent solids by weight, and slurry particle size distribution are measured after mixing for both oxide and tungsten slurries as part of CMP process control. Some of these properties are more relevant than others as a monitor of slurry health, and other parameters

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