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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
102606 PLC Radwell Walchem Sensors & Switches, Sensor Module & Housing ELECTRODE HOUSING/PREAMP 20FT CABLE SERIES PH/ORP
WELMVFNN PLC Radwell Walchem Controls & Indicators, Control Accessory ELECTRODE PH/ORP
38502081054 PLC Radwell Fisher Rosemount Sensors & Switches, PH Electrode SENSOR PH/ORP RETRACTABLE 0-163PH 0-14HLPH
38502081054 PLC Radwell Emerson Process Management Sensors & Switches, PH Electrode SENSOR PH/ORP RETRACTABLE 0-163PH 0-14HLPH
38502081054 PLC Radwell Fisher Controls Sensors & Switches, PH Electrode SENSOR PH/ORP RETRACTABLE 0-163PH 0-14HLPH
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  • The Control of pH & Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) in Cooling Tower Applications
    . A typical cooling tower control system consists of a conductivity electrode, a pH. electrode, an ORP electrode, the controller itself, metering pumps, and solenoid valves,. as shown by Figure 1. The electrodes are the most critical components in the control. system, since they are in contact
  • pH Tech Tips (.pdf)
    the life of your Myron L. and the solution being tested. Dehydration. pH or pH/ORP sensor. causes the reference solution to leach out of. The Myron L Company uses a general-purpose glass. the electrode cavity, and form crystals in the. pH sensor. This glass sensor may be used in most. junction
  • Reference Electrodes
    and weaknesses so you can make an informed decision as to which reference electrode type is right for your application. Reference Electrodes - Van London - pHoenix. New Products and Press Releases. Product Brochures. Knick Product Videos. Laboratory. BioTech. Industrial. Custom. pH. ORP/Chlorine. Ion Selective
  • Controlling The Addition Of Chlorine Into A Process
    . 3. pH/ORP CONTROLLER. ORP. CTRL1. CTRL2. AUX1. AUX2. CONTROLLER. PREV. NEXT. EXIT. ENTER. METERING. PUMP. METERING. PUMP. ORP. SUBMERSION. ELECTRODE. pH. PROBE. Example of. Example of Flow. ORP Control. Proportional Control. Residual Chlorine. There are several technologies available for monitoring
  • Introduction to Oxidation Reduction Potential Measurement (.pdf)
    . biological treatment solutions for removing contaminants. Sensors. ORP sensor operation works similarly to that of a standard pH sensor. A two-electrode system makes a potentiometric measurement. The ORP electrode serves as an electron donor or electron acceptor, depending upon the test solution
  • Sodium Analysis in Water
    of the analyst and the pH adjusting solutions. cCre must be taken when making measurements below 10 ppm. Contact Iotron for correct preocedure below this range. ./548d67b6-3821-49f6-a167-e6c28830eaac IOTRONTM. pH / ORP / ISE Measurement Product Lines. Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc. 603 North Poplar
  • Liquid Analysis in Mineral Processing
    This paper describes the process applications that take place after mining and prior to refining as they relate to pH / ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity.The implementation of the proper analytical sensors in the common metal extraction processes used today in the minerals industry go far
  • FCE TM: Groundbreaking Measurement of Free Chlorine Disinfecting Power in a Handheld Instrument
    ...........................................................................................................10. ILLUSTRATIONS. Figure 1 – Distribution of Free Chlorine Species in Aqueous Solutions........................... 2. Figure 2 – Chemical Alteration of Chlorinated Water by Colorimeter Additives ............... 3. Figure 3 – Sample Experimental Data Relating FAC ppm to ORP and pH

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