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  • Thin-Cake Filtration Technologies for Removing Activated Carbon, Catalysts and Other Trace Solids From Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Slurries
    and the environment to toxic and hazardous solvents and solids as well as to used and contaminated filter cloth, bag filters and filter cartridges. G:\TEXT\F\FP\WORD\DORIS\BERICHTE\VB2287E.SAM. Thin-Cake Filtration Technologies for Removing. Activated Carbon, Catalysts and Other Trace Solids. From Active
    and extraction are. accomplished. Finally, the cake is dried by blowing hot or ambient gas through the. cake. The Filter has a uniquely designed discharge system, which provides for. atmospheric discharge from pressure filtration. After automatic cake discharge, the. filter cloth is washed; the clean
  • Clean-in-Place Operations for Thin-Cake Filtration Technologies
    ” of. operations to meet current Good. liquids or gases is enhanced. THEORY OF THIN-CAKE. FILTRATION. Filtration. During the initial mechanism. of cake forming in the filtration. step, the filter cloth acts just to. initiate filtration by capturing. the first particles. These first. published by srl
  • Test it Right for Thin-Cake Filtration Operations
    be invited to witness and. Thickness. option is the plant’s lab or pilot. help perform the tests; they will be. % Residual Moisture. Discharge OK?. plant. This approach offers the. familiar with the “quirks” of the. Cake rests on. filter cloth?. best chance of a representative. process and product. sample
  • Evaluating Thin-cake Pressure Filtration Using the BHS Autopress Technology
    for bench-top testing for filtration, washing and. the cake was removed from the. drying studies. pocket-leaf filter. The cake depth. and drying data. the top, and the unit was pressur-. was determined, and the cake was. In the pharmaceutical biomass. ized. When the filtration began, the. weighed and analyzed
  • Medical Imaging Monitors Pharmaceutical Process Health
    This quick, one-time registration gives you access to members-only site benefits. Pressure filtration is an acute example of a process needing quality on-line monitoring. At the moment, there is little or no on-line help in determining end point or assessing filter cake homogeneity. Traditional
  • Clarification of API Slurries and Recovery of Solids (.pdf)
    and the environment to toxic and hazardous solvents and solids as well as to used and contaminated filter cloth, bag filters and filter cartridges. 01-18+25-40 pharma.qxd Thin-cake filtration. APIs. technologies for removing. activated carbon, catalysts. published by srl. Via Cesare da Sesto, 10
  • Medical Device Link .
    barely begun. The use of multimaterial laminates as substitutes for thick-layered filter membranes is still largely unexplored. Before the advent of customized polymers, available filtration and separation technology left product developers asking themselves, "Can we do this application at all?" Now

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