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  • Choosing the Proper Equipment for Pharmaceutical Stabililty Room Humidity and Temperature Mapping
    Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use). As the name implies this is an international agency that defines the world standard for stability testing. ./7015abe3-aef3-4437-9802-0ece386ca99f. Choosing the Proper Equipment. for Pharmaceutical
  • Stability Storage: Rent or Buy?
    . $ 96,000. $ 100,800. Per Month (24 month period). $ 8,200. $ 4,000. $ 4,200. Expense of owning a chamber requires most of the investment at the beginning. Using Parameter stability storage allows the expense to be spread across the duration of the study. Serving the pharmaceutical, food & beverage
  • Use of Optical Hygrometers as Reference Instruments
    For large pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, power plants, and other industrial/process plants which. use large quantities of dew point sensors, it is usually more cost effective to calibrate these in-house. rather than sending them to a calibration laboratory. In-house capability also allows
  • Material Testing - Your PET Bottle In The Best Possbile Light
    . Increasingly, PET packaging is encountered not only in the form of bottles for soft drinks, but also for applications that include containers for soaps, cosmetics, cleaners, pharmaceutical products, or commercial bulk products. In contrast to PET, there are decades of experiential values available for glass
  • Medical Device Link .
    the location of thin channel leaks. It features retrievable validation data and a graphic display. 143 California St., Newton, MA 02458. Featuring an oil-free diaphragm and molecular drag pump, a portable helium leak detector works in cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and other
  • Room Mapping
    Temperature and humidity levels that are out of Specifica-tions can cause damage on production material and even on final the product. You can imagine that this is very impor-tant for phar-maceutical companies. The public regulatory or-ganizations (see table on the right ) re-quire food and drug
  • Comparing Two Measuring Techniques
    con-. sensors are unaffected by the vast ma-. Generally, infrared thermometry is. dense on a chilled mirror either in the. jority of contaminants typically seen in. considered to be more limited in terms. form of liquid or in the form of ice. food and pharmaceutical products. of accuracy than
  • Medical Device Link . Effect of formulation on lyophilization, part 2
    of Lyophilization," PDA J Pharm Sci Tech, 49:272 282, 1995. 13. Dushman S, Scientific Foundations of Vacuum Technology (2nd ed), Lafferty JM (ed), New York, Wiley, pp 80 111, 1962. 14. Amoignon J, "Physico-Chemical Contamination of Freeze Dried Pharmaceutical and Biological Products," in Freeze Drying

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