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    ...workstations are provided in both modular and turnkey forms. Turnkey imaging workstation systems are complete, off-the-shelve (COTS) vision systems with all of the required components to provide an application ready product. These units do not require... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...the quantity and type of products to be produced and the physical layout of the pharmacy. Personnel at the University of Cincinnati Hospital Pharmacy used time-and-motion studies to determine throughput capabilities for the mobile isolation chamber (MIC) workstations (Table 1).3 Table 1 should be used only...

...the baseline for biological safety cabinet and laminar flow hood productivity study. Several weeks later, the barrier/isolator was brought into the central pharmacy and set up for evaluation. In order to familiarize personnel with the workstation, a 10-minute, hands-on training program was conducted...

...diseases. Three areas within the hospital facility are critical to reducing the potential for spreading infection. These areas include patient receiving, surgery, and its supporting areas, and the pharmacy. The facility must be designed with contamination control in mind. Control of airborne...

...the hospital pharmacy information system through a single Cardinal Health interface. The system will also support reporting to other information technology systems in the hospital. Carestream Health Inc. (Rochester, NY) offers the Carestream Digital Dashboard, which provides system administrators...

...pursued the applications of this technology due to its performance and cost effectiveness. In the past two years, barrier/isolation technology has been introduced into the hospital pharmacy and home infusion markets. The barrier/isolation workstation for sterile drug preparation is a closed...

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Compounding Aseptic and Containment Isolators | Ergonomic...
Vertical Laminar Airflow Workstation NuAire Compounding Pharmacy Equipment Pharmacy Isolators Polypropylene Products
See NuAire, Inc. Information

Pharmacy Equipment Compounding Aseptic Isolators Ventilated Workstation BSL-3 Components
See Germfree Laboratories, Inc. Information

Image Analysis Workstations - Cellular Imaging Facility Core...

Microscopy instruments - Cellular Imaging Facility Core -...

Metro Home Page | Metro
Central Sterile Workstation Product Families Pharmacy Transfer FIXTURES & CABINETS Pharmacy Fixtures
See InterMetro Industries, Inc. Information

Agilent | Agilent in Pharmaceutical Analysis, Issue 22,...
By Shouhong Gao and Haijun Miao Department of Pharmacy, Changzheng Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai and Michael Frank Agilent
See Agilent Technologies - Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis Divisions Information

Voice-activated networked workstation for a physically...
Voice-activated networked workstation for a physically disabled physician

Design of an expert system for monitoring drug treatment in a...
The prototype system was implemented initially in Prolog and run on a SUN 3/50 workstation.

Apple - Business - Profiles - Rossdales, Pg. 1
animal details, clinical history, radiography and scan results, pathology reports, as well as billing and other routine data from any workstation.
See Apple, Inc. Information

VMware and Omnicell Healthcare Automation Systems on VMware...
manager, server and storage infrastructure/BCHASSO. Added Ron Wall, pharmacy IS coordinator, Providence Health Care, ?Omnicell?s partnership with
See VMware, Inc. Information

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