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  • Assessment of Eutectic Solder Phase Growth in Under-The-Hood Power Control Modules (.pdf)
    In many applications, especially automotive, solder interconnects experience degradation due to prolonged temperature and power cycling. This degradation behavior manifests itself as changes in the grain/phase structure, primarily through grain/phase coarsening. Because the magnitude of the change
  • Applications of EBSD in Materials Research for Nuclear Energy (.pdf)
    oxide and alumina. Figure 1 – Blended elemental map, phase map & orientation map overlaid on a gray scale map based on the. quality of individual EBSD patterns at each point in the scan. The maps are constructed from simultaneously. collected EBSD and EDS data. Improved Material Models. Accurate
  • Colloidal Stability in Aqueous Suspensions (.pdf)
    in aggregation followed by sedimen- spatially (vertically) over the rough surface to. tation and phase separation. define an imaginary plane to call the surface. Page 1 of 4. BIC Tech Info: Colloidal Stability in Aqueous Suspensions. useful planes or layers are defined. Here, the. simplest is shown
  • LES Simulation of the Internal Flow and Near-Field Spray Structure of an Outward-Opening GDi Injector and Comparison with Imaging Data (.pdf)
    probes the relationship of the spray breakup structure to the liquid-phase flow within the injector nozzle - especially at the nozzle exit -obtained through Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulations. Microsoft Word - new8-01-0137 _2__dml.doc SAE TECHNICAL. PAPER SERIES. 2008-01-0137. LES
  • Solving the Problems Inherent to Torch Brazing Aluminum (.pdf)
    . using pneumatic or positive-displacement. Table 2 shows a comparison between. is highly recommended. devices. the melting temperature of the brazing. Fluxes must be thermally matched to. 3. Flux/powder metal (PM) fabrication. alloy and the point at which the base metal. the melting phase of the braze
  • US Dynamics Rate Gyroscope Interface Brief
    inputs: 1. Spin motor excitation. Spin motor excitation provides the electrical power required to start and maintain the speed of the gyroscope spin motor, which is a synchronous induction, hysteresis type. Required here is a two phase AC signal, where the two phases are 90 electrical degrees displaced
  • MSK5059RH and MSK5032 Evaluation Board User's Guide
    The evaluation board provides a platform from which to evaluate new designs with ample. real estate to make changes and evaluate results. Evaluation early in the design phase. reduces the likelihood of excess ripple, instability, or other issues, from becoming a. problem at the application PCB
  • Observant resolvers
    the actual and measured positions. This phase lag causes instability in the control loop, reducing performance. One efficient solution to this problem is the use of mathematical constructions called observers. Observers are a well-known way to reduce phase lag caused by sensors. They have several

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