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  • Using the ECOLEC Series 100 Dual and Three Phase Meters as Uniphase Meters (.pdf)
    . When the meters are used to measure loads on the same phase, the arithmetic sum of the currents must not. exceed the maximum rating of the meter. Thus, a three phase EC13x meter can be used if the maximum. current per meter is limited to 20 Amps. Similarly, a dual phase EC12x meter can be used
  • Using the ECOLEC Series 100 Meters as a CT Operated Meter (.pdf)
    of 60 Amps. The actual kWh consumption per phase must then be calculated by multiplying the difference between the current and previous readings (compensated for roll over) by the CT ratio used. Using the ECOLEC Series 100 Meters as a CT operated Meter ASI. ASI. Automation Systems
  • Using the SLMS Output of the ECOLEC Series 100 Meters (.pdf)
    /down response times of the pulse acquisition system if it is desired that the mechanical. counter display has to reflect the exact value determined by the AMR system. This is not recommended. Pulse outputs are wire OR-ED for the EC12x dual and EC13x three phase meters. During operation, pulse. overlap
  • PIC18F2520 MCP3909 3-Phase Energy Meter Reference Design - Meter Test Results and Adapting the Meter Design for other Requirements
    using meters using this PIC18F/MCP3909 design. 0.15. 51 Hz. 49 Hz. should expect some yield to be outside of these limits,. 0.10. mainly due to variance in the current transformer phase. 0.05. %. response from meter to meter. The difference between. 0.00. 50 Hz. the PF=1 and PF=0.5 performance
  • Characteristics and Usage Guidelines for the ECOLEC Series 100 Meters (.pdf)
    the meters correctly. Identification of parts. Apertures for cable protection plugs (CPP). Snapouts for busbar. Phase. connection schemes. barriers. Meter number and. Terminal. EAN13 barcode. screws. Amp. DIN and Mini-rail. rating. mounting points. LED. consumption /. status indicator. Lateral databus
  • Designing Energy Meters with the PIC16F873A
    in rolling out on a wider basis. Dual-channel. average power also must account for power factor,. measurement provides a simple method for monitoring. which is the phase relationship between voltage and. for tamper conditions. An on-board RTC provides a. current. In simple terms, average AC power
  • Making Phase a Routine Vibration Route Measurement (.pdf)
    of the two channels. Notice A is the refer-. ence channel and is shown to be at zero on the. Skip. polar plot. The exact amplitude of both channels: the meter. Channel A = 0.311 ips. Channel B = 0.295 ips. The relative phase angle between the two. channels (Delta Phase) is in degrees. Notice. Think about ITT
  • Dynamic Phase-Shifting Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer
    , Interferometer, Spatial Phase-Shifting, Dynamic, Speckle, JWST, Vibration Insensitivity. 1. INTRODUCTION. The testing of the back-plane stability for primary telescope mirrors requires the measurement of large diffuse. meter-class structures from a significant standoff location in the presence of vibration