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  • Volatile Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere
    ...42, 139, 300 from trees, 91–2, 96, 139, 142, 363 enclosure measurements, 115 engraver insect, 302 enrichment... ...urban VOC emissions, 451 isotope ratios of products of VOC reactions, 440–47 isotopically labelled VOC, 406 isotopologue... ...244, 467, 475 petrochemistry, 138 PFCs, see perfluorocarbons PFPH, see perfluorophenylhydrazine phenol, 330 phenolic pathway, 304 phenology...
  • Partition coefficients of plant cuticles for monoterpenes
    The synthesis of labelled monoterpenes was carried out in cooperation with Prof. M. Gleizes and Dr. G... weight, and the fact that the phenolic substances do not represent appropriate sorption sites for monoterpenes. ...Teal W, Wong BL (1985) Effects of grand fir monoterpenes on the fir engraver Scolytus ventralis (Coleoptera...
  • A rapid hypersensitive response associated with resistance in the willow Salix viminalis against the gall midge Dasineura marginemtorquens
    Necrotic lesions characterised by early, local ac- cumulation of phenolic compounds were present in resistant genotypes but... The resistant genotypes that we have la- belled few-lesions types would then exhibit both types of responses; necrotic lesions of an HR type were in fact observed but at the same time we found more dead larvae than lesions implying that... The fir engraver beetle in western states.
  • WNGlosses (\
    ...acoustically_R|3 storehouse_N|5 pendulum_clock_N|1 harp-shaped_J|1 racecourse_N|5 stone-grey_J|1 reef_knot_N|1 arbor_N|1 hail_N|5 perforation_N|6 tombstone_N|2 engraver _N|4 intaglio_N|2 gravure_N|2... ...hundredth_N|4 one-tenth_N|1 rating_N|5 bond_issue_N|8 default_V|1 physical_condition_N|13 heart_rate_N|2 blood_test_N|5 heterophil_antibody_N|1 agglutinate_V|1 immunoassay_N|1 radioactively_R|1 label _V|7 prose_N|12 blank_N|2... ...sun_blocker_N|1 waterproofing_N|1 quote_N|4 wood_shavings_N|1 roofing_tile_N|1 crushed_rock_N|1 lamellar_mixture_N|1 peptone_N|1 pepsin_N|1 greenhouse_gas_N|2 demagnetize_V|1 permanganic_acid_N|1 divalent_J|3 phenolic _resin_N|1 new-mown_J|1...
  • The Chemical Formulary, Volume 4
    Photo Engravers ' Glue Of good photographic gelatin or high grade flexible glue, take 2 oz. Turpentine Label Paste Formula No. 1 1 lb. Where a phenolic resin binder is used for the cork, a 50-50 mixture of sorbitol and...
  • Kanerva's Occupational Dermatology
    ...workers Dentists (Kanerva et al. 1997b) Dyers (aniline dyes, producing stains and necrosis) Engravers , glass etchers (brittle... Many of these compounds are phenolic /catecholic derivates and most research has been done on 4-tert... ...that SSc in these patients is not idiopathic SSc, but rather should be labeled as SLD (Siegel...
  • Industrial and Specialty Papers Volume 3, Applications
    ...good heat stability and should have high barrier characteristics against penetration by the melamine or phenolic resins. Federal Trade Commission Deceptive packaging and labeling including parts of Fair Packaging Act Department of Agriculture Consumer... From the selected design the engravers engrave a blank steel roll to the specification of the embossing...
  • Multigenic and Induced Systemic Resistance in Plants
    Chemical labeling experiments show that increases in levels of terpenes and indole occur via de novo biosynthesis... For instance, the efficiency of typical constitu- tive defenses, such as phenolic compounds, may depend critically on... For instance, a number of terpenoids have a toxic effect on the fir engraver (Scolytus ven- tralis...
  • Induced Plant Resistance to Herbivory
    ...molecular structure, and domain architecture of potato suberin: a 13 C NMR study using isotopically labeled precursors. Polyphenolic parenchyma cells (PP cells) that are specialized for synthesis and storage of phenolic compounds are abundant... Bordasch RP, Berryman AA (1977) Host resistance to the fir engraver beetle, Scolytus ventralis (Coleoptera: Scolytidae).