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  • Phenolic, Melamine, and Formaldehyde Resins-Image
    Phenolic, Melamine, and Formaldehyde Resins - (64 companies)
    Phenolic, melamine and formaldehyde resins are thermosetting adhesives that offer strong bonds and good resistance to high temperatures. How to Select Phenolic, Melamine, and Formaldehyde Resins. Phenolic, melamine, and formaldehyde resins... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Label Printers-Image
    Label Printers - (459 companies)
    Label printers are used to print a variety of labels or adhesive stamps. Most label printers are capable of printing bar codes. Image Credit: Acme Scale Systems | New Pig Corporation. Label printers are used to print labels or adhesive stamps. Most... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Label Applicators-Image
    Label Applicators - (530 companies)
    Label applicators are used to dispense, apply, or print and apply labels to packages. Label applicators are machines used to dispense, apply, or print and apply labels to packages. Machines range from simple manual dispensing to fully automated... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Label and Nameplate Services-Image
    Label and Nameplate Services - (1334 companies)
    Label and nameplate services design and manufacture labels, tags, nameplates and related products for identification, inventory control, packaging, decoration, and regulatory compliance. Companies produce serial number plates, instruction labels... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Label Materials-Image
    Label Materials - (404 companies)
    Label Materials. Material Features. Writable. Visible. Outdoor. Water. Resistance. Removable. --> Paper Labels. Matte Paper Labels. Economical matte paper label stock. Permanent adhesive sticks to corrugated boxes, plastic drums, metal or Tyvek... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Shipping and Handling Labels - (92 companies)
    Specifications. Important specifications when selecting shipping and handling labels include: Permanent vs. removable adhesion. Permanent labels will adhere to the package surface and are not removable without causing damage to the label, package or both... Learn More
  • Safety Labels and Signs - (274 companies)
    Safety Labels and Signs. Image Credit: New Pig Corporation, Grainger Industrial Supply. Safety labels and signs are visual alerting devices which advise observers of potential hazards. They may consist of a signal word, message panel... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Marking and Engraving Equipment - (553 companies)
    Marking and engraving equipment marks or engraves products and packages with bar codes, lot codes, date stamps, graphics, labels, and other information. Marks are applied during the manufacturing process, eliminating the need to generate labels... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Temperature Indicating Coatings and Materials - (55 companies)
    Temperature indicating paints and materials include labels, paints, crayons, or other markers that change color or shape when exposed to a certain temperature. These products are typically non-reversible and are designed for one-time use... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Industrial Printing Equipment - (723 companies)
    ...and supplies includes screen printing equipment, digital printing equipment, label printing equipment, offset printing equipment, letterpress printing equipment, and flexographic printing equipment. Screen printing equipment transfers an image onto... Search by Specification | Learn More
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for Testing and Materials (ASTM), F992, Standard Specification for Valve Label Plates Encl: (1) Designation and Marking of Hull Structure 1. Purpose.

Johnson Plastics - What you've been searching for
Engraver Supplies There are quite a few different types of engraver supplies, some examples are paper masks, cutters, and table tapes.

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Label Dispensers & Holders Shipping & Transportation Label Makers & Supplies Equipment Nameplates
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801-825 - Seymour Duncan
punched from a variety of materials such as vulcanized fibre and linen phenolic and when combined with rod magnets make the coil form.

Trotec Laser Ltd Materials Catalogue The...

a. Pressure Rating: [150 psig (1035 kPa) minimum <Insert pressure>. b. Gasket: Neoprene or phenolic. c. Bolt Sleeves: Phenolic or polyethylene.
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1 Introduction The Dimension 200 is a router/engraver for...
1 Introduction The Dimension 200 is a router/engraver for three-dimensional signage created for use with the GRAPHIX ADVANTAGE or other computer
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