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  • Volatile Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere
    … 42, 139, 300 from trees, 91–2, 96, 139, 142, 363 enclosure measurements, 115 engraver insect, 302 enrichment … … urban VOC emissions, 451 isotope ratios of products of VOC reactions, 440–47 isotopically labelled VOC, 406 isotopologue … … 244, 467, 475 petrochemistry, 138 PFCs, see perfluorocarbons PFPH, see perfluorophenylhydrazine phenol, 330 phenolic pathway, 304 phenology …
  • A rapid hypersensitive response associated with resistance in the willow Salix viminalis against the gall midge Dasineura marginemtorquens
    Necrotic lesions characterised by early, local ac- cumulation of phenolic compounds were present in resistant genotypes but … The resistant genotypes that we have la- belled few-lesions types would then exhibit both types of responses; necrotic lesions of an HR type were in fact observed but at the same time we found more dead larvae than lesions implying that … The fir engraver beetle in western states.
  • Partition coefficients of plant cuticles for monoterpenes
    The synthesis of labelled monoterpenes was carried out in cooperation with Prof. M. Gleizes and Dr. G … weight, and the fact that the phenolic substances do not represent appropriate sorption sites for monoterpenes. 1985) Effects of grand fir monoterpenes on the fir engraver Scolytus ventralis (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) and its symbiotic …
  • WNGlosses (\
    … acoustically_R|3 storehouse_N|5 pendulum_clock_N|1 harp-shaped_J|1 racecourse_N|5 stone-grey_J|1 reef_knot_N|1 arbor_N|1 hail_N|5 perforation_N|6 tombstone_N|2 engraver _N|4 intaglio_N|2 gravure_N|2 … … hundredth_N|4 one-tenth_N|1 rating_N|5 bond_issue_N|8 default_V|1 physical_condition_N|13 heart_rate_N|2 blood_test_N|5 heterophil_antibody_N|1 agglutinate_V|1 immunoassay_N|1 radioactively_R|1 label _V|7 prose_N|12 blank_N|2 … … sun_blocker_N|1 waterproofing_N|1 quote_N|4 wood_shavings_N|1 roofing_tile_N|1 crushed_rock_N|1 lamellar_mixture_N|1 peptone_N|1 pepsin_N|1 greenhouse_gas_N|2 demagnetize_V|1 permanganic_acid_N|1 divalent_J|3 phenolic _resin_N|1 new-mown_J|1 …
  • mysql-wn-data.sql (\
    … 42321,'engraulidae'),(42322,'engraulis'),(42323,'engraulis encrasicholus'),(42324,'engrave'),(42325,'engraved'),(42326,' engraver '),(42327,'engraving' … … 60485,'gumbo-limbo'),(60486,'gumboil'),(60487,'gumdrop'),(60488,'gumma'),(60489,'gummed'),(60490,'gummed label '),(60491,'gumminess' … … 98826,'pheniramine'),(98827,'pheno-safranine'),(98828,'phenobarbital'),(98829,'phenobarbitone'),(98830,'phenol'),(98831,' phenolic '),(98832,'phenolic …
  • Handbook of Adhesive Chemical and Compounding Ingredients
    Uses: Plasticizer for heat-seal applics., food wrappers/labels, pharmaceutical labels , foil lacquers, cellophane lacquers, nitrocellulose, ethylcellulose, chlorinated … Properties: Dk. red liq., phenolic odor; sol. in org. solvs.; mod. sol. in water; m.w. 137 … Engraver ’s acid.
  • Kanerva's Occupational Dermatology
    … clinical features – alkalis, 107 – ethylene oxide, 108 – fluorides, 107 – phenolic compound, 107–108 – … emulsifiers, 1561 engravers , 1423–1424, 1695–1696 environmental contact dermatitis, 1570 epichlorohydrin – bisphenol A, 572–573 – chemical structures … – legislation, labeling , information and education, 711 – patch testing, 709–710 – penetration-enhancing action, 710 – …
  • Handbook of Preservatives
    Storage: Store in tightly closed, labeled containers away from incompat. materials, @ R.T.; avoid generating dusts Properties: Wh. or grayish-wh. cryst. powd.; very faint aromatic or phenolic odor; sol. in DMSO, acetone … … metals; electroplating; elec. fuses; auto parts; storage and dry cell batteries; fungicides; roofing; engravers plates; in PVC …
  • Handbook of Food Packaging Chemicals and Materials
    … ventilated area out of direct sunlight, away from heat and ignition sources, in tightly closed, labeled containers See Calcium carbonate Engraver 's acid. Synonyms: Epoxy novolac resin; Epoxy- phenolic resin; Epoxy phenol novolac; Epoxy phenol novolac resin; 2- Phenoxymethyloxirane, compd …
  • Industrial and Specialty Papers Volume 3, Applications
    … good heat stability and should have high barrier characteristics against penetration by the melamine or phenolic resins. Deceptive packaging and labeling in- From the selected design the engravers engrave a blank steel roll to the specification of the embossing …

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