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  • Solid Waste Operations Complex W-113, Detail Design Report (Title II). Volume 3: Specifications
    … be thoroughly coated with metallic zinc or cadmium inside and outside after all machine work is completed. E. Labeling 1. Label all switches, panelboards, MCC's, panels, and each device with a three-ply laminated phenolic plate (white- black-white) plastic nameplate engraved with 3/16 inch minimum black letters designating the equipment number designation, feeder power source, system voltage, and load served (for …
  • The Printing Ink Manual
    Heidelberg Alcolor dampening system 389–90 Helio-Klischograph machines 50, 477 and ink lay 516 Heptonates, chelating agents … Labels aluminium based ink for 534 chlorinated rubber inks for 497 gloss screen ink for 609 gravure packaging inks … … technology, UV sources 596, 637, 671–4 cool lamp systems 673 Lampblack 1, 3, 187, 188 Lanolin 273 Laser engraving gravure 51 of anilox … … of water based flexographic inks 557–8, 837 Phase change systems, see Hot melt Phenolic resins 225–8 identification …
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  • Advances in the science and technology of paints, inks and related coatings: 2005
    7s BOPP is used in numerous industries, for example food packaging, printing/laminating and labelling . A solvent-based black commercial gravure ink (based upon a nitrocellulose ester binder) was used in a proof printing machine , printing a gradation scale which was engraved four times using a Hell Klishograph unit with four different parameters. Shakeb A M F,' Phenolic epoxidised polyurethane coating for petroleum tanks from available raw materials', .