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  • People: August 2009
    He noted there are several positive issues, many coming from the Phoenix Water Softener Report, that members need to individually advocate to all levels of government.
  • Rayne Of Phoenix Awarded AZ Water 2011 Water Reuse Project Of The Year
    This self regenerating process, when taking place in tens of thousands of homes using traditional water softeners in the Phoenix area, creates 450,000 tons of salt pollution and wastes nearly 2.7 billion gallons of water each year.
  • Global Spotlight: September 2008
    Following a successful Phoenix Chal- lenge meeting in May, WQA joined the City of Phoenix ’s (AZ) Point of Use Water Softener and Treatment Study in June.
  • Viewpoint: May 2008
    There I was at WQA Aquatech, feeling the future was bright with promise as I listened to CAP’s Paul Hendricks talk about the Phoenix Challenge…when word came that... ...bill (AB2270) on statewide water reuse to make it into a softener ban.
  • Creative Marketing: WQA New Orleans Trade Show: All the Ingredients for Success Save One
    Residential water softeners shown in New Orleans included: Alamo Water Refiners, San Antonio; Addie Water Systems, Janesville, Wis.; AquaCare Systems, Vista, Calif.; Charger... ...Ill.; Rayne Corp., Ventura, Calif.; Springsoft International, Bloomingdale, Ill.; Water Resources Interna- tional, Phoenix , and Water-Right, Appleton...
  • Handbook of Lubricants
    ...for cellulose nitrate; lubricant for plasticized PVC; surfactant for industrial applics., pulp/paper, pharmaceuticals, metalworking, lubricants, textiles, agric., paints, adhesives, water treatment; specialized solvent; pharmaceutical... ...; Phoenix ...cosmetics; ingred. in moisturizers, softeners , lubricants used for prods...
  • Handbook of Paint and Coating Raw Materials Volume 1 and 2
    ...suspension polymerization for use in solvent stripping phase; component of paper/paperboard in contact with dry food Regulatory: FDA 21CFR §175.105, 176.180 Properties: Liq.; 25% solids in water Use Level: 0.25%... applic. of resins, softeners , starches; wetting agent, dispersant... Giovarez® AC-5099 M [ Phoenix ] Chem. Descrip.: Cyclo alkyl methacrylate copolymer (50%) in Permethyl™ 99AD (isododecane) Uses...
  • Food Industries Manual
    ...cans, types of, 357 for fruit juices, 262 for glass containers, 377-378 phoenix , 52 Clot-on... ...spiral, 491 steel band, 465-492 wheat, 309 wheel,496 wire belt, 496 Cookers, continuous, 33 Cooking fat, 189 Cooling of cans, 23, 24 of vegetables, 161 Cooling water , 24 Copper, 331 vessels... ...Crumb, milk, 67 Crumb softeners , 5 Crumpets, 5 Crust...
  • Oligotrophic bacteria in ultra-pure water systems: Media selection and process component evaluations
    1A, water softener ; 1B, brine tank; 2, carbon bed; 3, reverse osmosis unit; 4, PVDF storage tank; 5, PVDF circulation pump; 6, PVDF diaphragm valve; 7, PVDF flow meter; 8, mixed bed ion exchange tank; 9, final filter; 10, UV sterilizer; 11... water (Ozone generator manufactured by OREC, Phoenix , AZ, model O3V5-O) upstream of the sampling point.
  • WQA Aquatech Las Vegas: Where Does the Future Lie?
    Some departments within Maricopa County were already discussing a softener ban when the WQA intervened. Peter Censky and David Loveday flew to Phoenix , where Rayne Water Conditioning’s Vice President and PWQA board member H. Martin Jessen had arranged a sit-down meeting with Hendricks.