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  • Medical Device Link . Thermal Management Techniques for Medical and Laboratory Equipment
    of temperatures with speed and precision. Heat sinks can be used with or without fans and offer considerable installation flexibility, but they cannot cool components below ambient temperature. Photo courtesy of Melcor Corp. (Trenton, NJ) There are many different tools and methods for transferring
  • Medical Device Link .
    Ashton, and Jeff Quint. The AutoMate 800 sample processes by Beckman Coulter Inc. (Photo courtesy Beckman Coulter Inc.). Despite an increasing awareness of the problem, the mishandling of test samples in clinical laboratories continues to contribute to the inefficient use of resources during both the pre
  • Medical Device Link .
    , FDA endorses it for respiratory and anesthesiology equipment, patient monitoring devices, and other medical electronics equipment. A free-space (fully anechoic) test chamber. Photo courtesy of CKC Laboratories (Redmond, WA) and Medtronic Physio Control (Redmond, WA). The current version of IEC
  • Mattracks Cuts Machining Time with Jet Edge Waterjet Machine
    Mattracks, Inc. A hunter uses a Mattracks-equipped ATV to get out to the game. Photo courtesy Mattracks, Inc. Researchers are using the MARS-1 Humvee as a roving laboratory as they study the Mars-like terrain of Devon Island's Haughton Crater in the Canadian High Arctic. They plan to use MARS-1
  • Virtual Engineering Lab for Motor Testing and Development
    width. modulation (PWM) timing generation. Generated energy is dissipated in. Intelligent. WEB-BASED COLLABORATION. Systems. Photo 1. Compare the local laboratory experimental test platform (upper left) and. the real-time remote video display (right). In the remote display, the. starter/alternator
  • Spectral Range of Measurement
    Optek process photometers use three superior grade light sources in conjunction with precision filters and photo components. A wide selection of optical components allows optek to configure a process analyzer to measure within a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This enables
  • Utilize Technology To Stretch Your Advertising Budget! (.pdf
    , and a summation! Articles can generate. Use Digital Camera and Photoshop Tech-. pages of free publicity. If you cannot produce a. feature article, many publications have places for. nology —. short infomercials. It might be a page that includes. Include an interesting photo with your release
  • Standardization in Quality Control of Thermal Spray Coatings (part 2) (.pdf)
    this past work and then present the latest progress on standardization concerning frequency of testing (for quality control) and metallographic evaluation to common photo standards. Focus will be on the definitions photographs and typical rating photos of specific coatings