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  • Amplifying High-Impedence Sensors ? Photodiode Example
    AN951 Amplifying High-Impedance Sensors - Photodiode Example and C reduce the output noise. The output noiseR N N Author: Kumen Blake and Steven Bible is also kept low by not over-compensating the feedback Microchip Technology Inc. loop. INTRODUCTION C F Embedded systems contain many types
  • Photodiode Characteristics and Applications (.pdf)
    or absence of minute quantities of light and can be calibrated for extremely accurate measurements from intensities below 1 pW/cm2 to intensities above 100 mW/cm2. Silicon photodiodes are utilized in such diverse applications as spectroscopy, photography, analytical instrumentation, optical position
  • Using a Digital Potentiometer to Optimize a Precision Single Supply Photo Detect
    electrical voltage. In these circuits, photodiodes are used to capture the light energy and transform it to a small current. This current is proportional to the level of illumination from the light source. A preamplifier then converts the current (in amperes) from the photodiode sensor into a usable
  • Lateral Effect Photodiodes (.pdf)
    optical designers is the lateral-effect photodiode, which provides direct readout of the displacement of a light spot across its active area; with the air of optics and electronics such a detector can measure angle and distance.
  • AN07: Scintillator Options for Shad-o-Box Cameras
    Digital imaging detectors can use a variety of detection materials to convert x-ray radiation either to light or directly to electronic charge. Many detectors such as amorphous silicon flat panels, CCDs and CMOS photodiode arrays incorporate a scintillator screen to convert x-rays to light
  • High-resolution CMOS imaging detector
    A 2.5 cm by 5 cm, 512 by 1024 pixel CMOS photodiode array detector designed specifically for digital radiography will be described. All necessary scanning and readout circuitry is integrated within the detector. The small pixel spacing of 48 µm allows the imager to easily achieve the 10 lp/mm
  • Trixell to Fabricate Flat-Panel Digital Detectors for OEMs Thermoplastic Specified for Reusable Petri Dish Bayer Introduces Materials Selection on the World Wide Web Indentec Meets European Hardness Calibration Standard
    ) photodiodes, which convert the light into digital data. The light striking each photodiode generates a current, which is subsequently transferred to an external drive via a matrix of aSi:H switching devices. The data are processed by the panel's readout electronics and can then be sent to a workstation
  • IR Remote Control Transmitter
    AN1064 IR Remote Control Transmitter receiver. The IR light then travels through the air and is Author: Tom Perme detected at the receiver by a photo-diode. The photo- John McFadden diode is often contained in a complete module which Microchip Technology Inc. demodulates the modulated signal

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