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  • Full-Scale High-Speed Schlieren Imaging Of Explosions And Gunshots (.pdf)
    video camera. These experiments cover a field-of-view of 2x3 m at frame rates up to 30 kHz. Our previous high-speed schlieren cinematography experiments on aircraft hardening used a traditional drum camera and photographic film. A stark contrast in utility is found between that technology
  • Medical Device Link .
    photomultiplier tube and photodiode-based luminometers, x-ray film, photographic film, phosphor screens, and instrumentation systems using cameras based on low-light-sensitive charge-coupled device (CCD) technology. A family of 1,2-dioxetane substrates. Chemiluminescent detection with 1,2-dioxetane substrates
  • Powder Diffraction
    Powder diffraction is a technique used by x-ray diffraction instruments. A powder or polycrystalline sample is irradiated with a beam of x-rays, and the resulting powder diffraction pattern is recorded with a detector / photographic film, charged coupled device (CCD), image plate, position
  • CPAC's Mel Koch on Future Frontiers for Pharmaceutical PAT
    Consider another example. We ve developed a way for Boeing to monitor the coatings on the wings of airplanes. Exposing that to a multidisciplinary group, we found that same technology could be used for tablet coatings, for monitoring photographic film coatings, paints and other applications
  • Diffraction, Fourier Optics and Imaging - Preface
    11. There are many methods of implementation. Two major. ones are illustrated in this chapter, namely, photographic films and plates and. electron-beam lithography for diffractive optics. In Chapters 9 and 10, the medium of propagation is assumed to be homogeneous. (constant index of refraction
  • The Use of Electrostatic Fieldmeters
    , or filament transport lines are used, static discharge can occur. When static charges dissipate by arcing (ESD or electrostatic discharge), they can produce defects in a product such as plastic film. They can also discharge to a worker by a painful arc. Photographic films are ruined when light
  • Keeping Pesticides on Target
    of individual chemicals and store them on a computer disk just like any other computer file. "Digital imaging is safer, more efficient, and less expensive than conventional photographic film processing, " says Krause. "The process uses no toxic chemicals that present disposal problems. And we can use
  • Design Guide to Photochemical Etching
    the precise characteristics of your part. We then utilize our CAD system and laser plot technology to generate an exact image of your part on a set of photographic films, called a Fototool. Depending upon the size of your part, the Fototool may contain from one to several thousand exacting images
  • Innovative Technology from Capacitec Improves Gap Measurement with the Use of Capacitive Non-contact Gap Sensors
    in the manufacture of high quality Slot Die coaters uses the Capacitec Slot Die Coater Gap Sensor System to control gaps in their systems. A slot die gap uniformity of 0.25 microns is maintained along the 1 to 2 meter length of the dies. Photographic Film Manufacturing.  In the photographic film and adhesive
  • Medical Device Link .
    nozzle at 0, 20, and 140 microseconds. Ink-jet, or "drop-on-demand" technology, is now used in numerous applications outside of printing. For example, it is used by the medical industry in manufacturing diagnostic strips for diabetes, photographic films, adhesive tapes, and analytical devices

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