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  • Caustic in Water with a ClearView TM Filter Photometer System
    Purpose: To measure NaOH concentration in water on-line with the no moving parts ChemView (R) filter photometer and a fiber optic flow probe for a slip stream. Approach: There are several ways to analyze a mostly aqueous stream. Water is an intense absorber in the NIR, requiring small optical paths
  • Epoxy Value On-Line Monitoring with a ChemView (R) Photometer
    Purpose: To measure epoxy value and starting liquid resin content with the two-probe Simulplex TM ChemView (R) photometer and fiber optic insertion probes with simple, easy-to-maintain, linear calibrations. Approach: The NIR peak at 2208 nm is traditionally used to measure epoxy value. However
  • Caustic & Carbonate On-Line Monitoring with a ChemView (R) Photometer
    Purpose: To simultaneously measure caustic (NaOH) and sodium carbonate in aqueous process streams, particularly at low (<2%) caustic concentrations, using a ChemView (R) NIR photometer and fiber optic probe. Background: The dominance of water in the NIR hampers the measurement of caustic
  • Water in Acetic Acid & p-Xylene with a ChemView (R) Filter Photometer
    Challenge: Can quantitative analysis be done with a multiple wavelength filter photometer? Background: The spectra of this 3-component mixture are complex. Initial visual inspection suggests that a complete spectrum and multivariate analysis (PLS - partial least-squares) are required. Experimental
  • Chemical Outlier Detection with a ChemView (R) Filter Photometer
    Optical Solutions, Inc. has introduced a new option for its Chem-View (R) process photometers - OutlierDetect TM. It provides chemical outlier detection with most multiple linear regression (MLR) calibrations in which more than one wavelength predicts a chemical variable. Outlier detection provides
  • APHA Color On-Line Monitoring with a ClearView TM Photometer
    to 500 at room temperature in a 1 cm cuvette. Results: The resulting spectra are shown at top right. The Pt-Co standard has a peak near 455 nm. The calibration for these data is shown at middle right. The 300 APHA sample was analyzed three times with excellent reproduciblity. ClearView TM has
  • Medical Device Link .
    , prepares standard solutions. These solutions standardize a flame photometer with a reference-method procedure. The flame photometer then assigns the calibrators used to calibrate the instrument, and a second set of comparisons is established. From the SI units to SRM 919a, to the serum-based
  • Medical Device Link . IVD Technology News
    ) and Integ (St. Paul, MN) are fabricating devices that would sample interstitial fluids. The SpectRx device would use off-the-shelf glucose strip chemistry to test the fluid; Integ's LifeGuide would rely on an infrared photometer to measure glucose in the sample. Another company, Biocontrol
  • Medical Device Link .
    microprocessor-based components. Device Type. Bmax. 10-8 Tesla. E (V/m). Mixer. OR. OR. Photometer. 1000. 3.00. Microcentrifuge. OR. OR. Hematological analyzer. 1100. 3.30. Table centrifuge. OR. OR. Abbot wash. 1640. 4.92. Abbot analyzer. OR. OR. Hematological centrifuge. 500. 1.50. Electrophoresis. 1600

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