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While designed for measurement parameters like Voltage and Current, PSPICE programs are not comfortable with evaluating or simulating components in photometric units. This application note provides guidelines for using PSPICE to model phototransistor optocouplers...

...of an FET?. How does a photodiode and phototransistor work?. How does an LED work?. Are a diode and a rectifier the same?. In general, yes, however the diode is usually thought of as a signal device, with currents of 1 Amp or less; and a rectifier, a power device with currents up to 1,000 amps or more. Also...

This article gives a brief outline to the operating principle behind optical liquid level sensing. An optical liquid level sensor uses an infra-red LED and phototransistor accurately positioned at the base of the sensors tip. When the tip is in air, infra-red light reflects internally round the tip...

Two types of optocouplers are available for use in implantable applications. The photovoltaic and phototransistor optocouplers provide gate drive voltage and effective isolation in small surface-mount packages. The 52464 photovoltaic optocoupler consists of an LED and photovoltaic detector...

...interfaces to the host via a dedicated interface card or an RS-232 port. Their mechanisms are very similar. The major electrical components of a mouse are: ? Microcontroller ? Photo-transistors ? Infrared emitting diode ? Voltage conversion circuit The intelligence of the mouse is provided...

...optical encoder uses opaque and transparent segments arranged in a gray-code pattern. The stator has corresponding pairs of LEDs and phototransistors arranged so that the LED light shines through the transparent sections of the rotor disc and received by phototransistors on the other side. After...

The optical liquid level sensors incorporate a phototransistor trigger, which provides a digital output that denotes the presence or absence of liquid. The mode of operation is derived from the principle of total internal reflection. An LED and phototransistor are housed within a plastic dome...

...accurately than old-style tachometer-generators. The simplest encoder is the incremental style. Typically, it uses a slotted wheel placed between an LED light source and a phototransistor. As the wheel rotates, it alternately passes then blocks light shining on the phototransistor. The phototransistor...

...resistor (LDR), a photodiode or a phototransistor. Such an array may just about function in "lab conditions"; it is, however, miles away from being suitable for practical use. This is primarily due to the lack of consideration paid to external interference factors. The majority of these are other...

...thermal constraints. Switches based on photointerrupters have no contacts, no lubricant, and only one spring. The switching action takes place by depressing a button that interrupts the optical path between an infrared LED and a photodiode or phototransistor. This provides a momentary "low...

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transmissive sensor that Note includes an infrared emitter and a phototransistor detector, ** Please see document "Vishay Material Category Policy":
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