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    For Young’s double-slit interference, (fig- ure 1) easily allows you to alter all the variables in the equation – wavelength , λ, slit separation, d, slit–screen distance, L, and see the resulting fringe separation. On the same topic, one that the pupils . seem to like (figure 2) is www.colorado. edu/ physics /2000/ applets /twoslitsa.html. I think it probably goes down so well just because they call the light source a can- non.
  • Emerging Technologies in Physics Education
    Each chapter of Physlet Physics opens with a number of Illustrations seeking to introduce students to new... A brief text accompanying each applet explains the underlying physical principle; the text accompanying Illustration 34.3 states: ‘‘The index of refraction of a given material depends on the wavelength (or frequency) of the incoming light.
  • Photoelectric effect can be memorable without being expensive
    You can alter the wavelength but only choose between low and high intensity. �? This applet from Walter Fendt is a good simulation of the real experiment: www. walter-fendt... ...interactive but a good description of the experiment: ~ physics /physics2/Formal_2001/SPenny/ photoelec.htm. .
  • Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science II
    • Interactive Physics and Math with Java (Java Applets ) - S. Kiselev & T. Yanovsky-Kiselev Single Slit Diffraction; Interaction of Radiation with an Atom; The Laser; Converging and Diverging Lenses;Light Dispersion through Prism; • Two Slit Interference(Java) - S. Vtorov Vary the wavelength , the slit spacing, and screen distance.
  • A versatile applet to explore the wave behaviour of particles
    ...subject is studied during the third course and is compulsory to obtain a graduate level in physics . . A versatile applet to explore the wave behaviour of particles . Bouncing of the wave packet allowing us to make an estimation of the wavelength . .
  • Understanding the concept of resolving power in the Fabry–Perot interferometer using a digital simulation
    It is defined as the ratio of the wavelength of the source λ to the minimum difference of wavelengths λ that generates two circle series that can be discriminated. Our experience in teaching optics to second year university physics students shows that the explanation of the... Because of this reason, we propose to use a Java applet to show how the Fabry–Perot interferometer...
  • A grating-based spectral filtering project in photonics instrumentation waveInterference2/WaveInterference2.html 2Available: 3Available: http://www. physics applets /Intro_physics/kisalev/ java/slitdiffr/index.html 4Available: 5Available: Fig. 7. the basis of the first simulation, students are asked to simulate multiple-slit diffraction for different wavelengths of light and a given number of slits.
  • Precision Spectroscopy in Astrophysics
    The number of orders falling on the detector also varies with wavelength ranging from 5 in the blue to 9 in the red. A java applet is available on the bHROS instrument web page ( to interactively... ...behalf of the Gemini partnership: the National Science Foundation (United States), the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research...
  • Spectro web: oscillator strength measurements of atomic absorption lines in the sun and procyon
    With its graphics display users can zoom in on the same wavelength regions of interest in different stars to investigate changes of line intensities, and to directly assess the reliability of the line identifications and the quality of the corresponding atomic... The object-oriented (Java ‘ applet ’) implementation, for example, permits to securely link many digital spectral... Journal of Physics : Conference Series 130 (2008) 012015 . doi:10.1088/1742-6596/130/1/012015 . c 2008 IOP Publishing Ltd .
  • Visualization of spiral and scroll waves in simulated and experimental cardiac tissue
    More complex dynamics can occur when the ring length is close to the wavelength , which creates interactions between the wave front and wave back. This interaction can be seen directly in the Java applet by slowly decreasing the ring size to... New Journal of Physics 10 (2008) 125016 ( .

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