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  • Group action and spatio-temporal proximity
    ...e has a subevent e' in which the group of John and Mary lifts the piano, and for any subevent e" of e', if anyone lifts the piano in e", then the set of lifters of the piano in e" is the...
  • Download, Practice, Done [The furture we deserve]
    It’s made of soft black leather and fingerless, likeacyclist’sorweight  lifter ’s glove. “I have a glove that can teach you how to play a piano melody,�? Thad Starner...
  • 6000 years mathematics
    Clips etc. for alienation of the tone mounted John Cage the pianos with nails from 1940 and... ...and the symbolism of a Rainer (Hans of Carossa Josef, Rudolf Borchardt, wine jack , Hermann Hesse) (Stefan...
  • Over progrediente foot deformitäten by Spina of bifida of occulta
    ...some as Adduktor and Supina.tor very much zurticktritt: it had come the piano valgus during years... As pointing jacks Extensor hallucis functions longus and Extensor digitorum iongus.
  • Space flight, 2006
    ...crewmembers on future missions to Mars; and a crewless series of heavy cargo lifters (CaLV) named Ares... Named New Horizons, the 478-kg (1054-lb), piano -sized spacecraft was the fastest ever launched, speeding...
  • The "articulated school"
    ▂ griffin exercises of feet on a towel (knit); the ▂ toe piano game is possible also... Sportbedingte Früharthrosen on the Femoro-Patellargelenkfindensichbei100 of % footballers and by 90 % of the weight jacks and Mountainbiker [21].
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    Lunge_NNP__1_2 is_VBZ_be_2_0 a_DT__3_0 split_NN_split_4_0 and_CC__5_0 all_DT__6_0 lifters _NNS_lifter_7_0 practice_NN_practice_8_0 this_DT__9_0 in_IN__10_0 their_PRP$__11_0 regular_JJ_regular_12_0 workouts_NNS_workout_13_0 ._.__14_0 brown1/br... phrase_NN_phrase_19_0 indications_NNS_indication_20_0 ._.__21_0 brown1/br-e04/21 The_DT__0_0 piano _NN_piano_1_0 performance_NN_performance_2_0 on_IN__3_0 this_DT__4_0 Trout_NNP_trout_5_0 is_VBZ_be_6_0 one_CD_one_7_0 that_WDT__8_0 really_RB_really_9_0...
  • cntlist (
    ...00:: 1 5 picture_plane%1:25:00:: 1 5 picture%1:26:00:: 4 5 piano %1:06:00... ...02:: 10 4 line%1:06:06:: 13 4 light%2:34:00:: 2 4 lifter %1:18:00...
  • Handbook of Recording Engineering
    tape base material, 158 tape guides, 275 tape idlers, 175 tape lifters , 161 tape sensitivity, 158 tape... ...Cassette, 352-353 Phoenix (Euroblock) connectors, 138 Phon, definition, 28 Photo-CD, 359 Piano , 272-273, 295...
  • noun.person (
    gymnast who performs rolls and somersaults and twists etc.) } { [ tuner, verb.change:tune,+ ] piano _tuner, skilled_worker,@... ...@ (an official who weighs and records the weight) } { [ weightlifter, verb.competition:weightlift,+ ] [ lifter , verb.motion:lift...

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