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  • Capacitance Meters-Image
    Capacitance Meters - (112 companies) electric charge. They are used to test, inspect and sort ceramic and other types of capacitors on production lines. In addition to frequency, capacitance meters are specified according to measurement parameters. Capacitance Meter Specifications... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Flow Meters-Image
    Flow Meters - (1662 companies)
    Flow meters (flowmeters) and flow sensors are devices used for measuring the flow rate or quantity of a moving fluid or gas. How to Select Flow Meters. Image Credit: Aalborg Instruments, Clark Solutions. Flow meters are devices for measuring... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Oscillators-Image
    Oscillators - (566 companies)
    Oscillators are devices that are used to generate repetitive signals. They produce output signals without an input signal. There are two major types of electronic oscillators: harmonic oscillators and relaxation oscillators. Harmonic oscillators produce sine wave outputs. Relaxation oscillators produce non-sine wave outputs such as square wave, rectangular wave, and sawtooth outputs. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Meter Provers and Flow Proving Components-Image
    Meter Provers and Flow Proving Components - (17 companies)
    Meter provers and flow proving components provide a known traceable volume to simulate actual operating conditions to test and verify the performance of flow meters and transfer meters. Flowmeter accuracy is very important in many industries... Learn More
  • VU Meters-Image
    VU Meters - (11 companies)
    ...resistance in which 1 milliwatt (mW) of sine-wave power flows at 1000 cycles per second (CPS). Most VU meters have a scale from -20 to +3, and rise and fall times of 300 milliseconds (ms). If a constant sine-wave of 0 VU is applied, the meter... Learn More
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    Frequency Meters - (117 companies)
    ...rapidly-changing frequencies; in audio applications to determine exact pitch; and in power applications to tune AC motors and other AC devices. Types. Frequency meters can be classified by type. Two broad classes of meter include deflection meters... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Milliohm Meters - (75 companies)
    Milliohm meters are capable of measuring very small resistances. Devices which use a four-wire Kelvin probe system pass a test current through the probe so that the voltage is sensed by the center pin. This test method eliminates contact resistance... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    LCR Meters - (140 companies)
    LCR meters and impedance meters measures inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance or impedance (R). Instruments used for LCR measurements are built as universal and multifunctional devices. They enable automatic (triggered or cyclic... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Motor Controllers - (771 companies)
    Motor controllers receive supply voltages and provide signals to motor drives that are interfaced to motors. They include a power supply, amplifier, user interface, and position control circuitry. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Power Meters - (398 companies)
    ...and the load is inductive. Smart Energy Meter. Features. Power meters are available with a variety of features. External shunts can be used to extend the current input range. Integrating functions allow the active power and current to be integrated... Search by Specification | Learn More

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  • Applicability of bioanalysis of multiple analytes in drug discovery and development: review of select case studies including assay development considerations
    liquid chromatography; HSV, herpes simplex virus; LC -MS, liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry; IBS, irritable bowel syndrome; IS, internal … … minimum required performance limit; N-DMF, N- desmethylnitroflurazepam; nm, nano meter ; NCE, novel chemical entity … … drug; PFBCl, penta- fluorobenzoylchloride; PIC , phenylisocyanate; PPT, protein precipita …
  • Logistic-dictionary
    … laser radar system LAI · · · country board for Immission protection LAM · · · load suspension device LAN · · … … light method of construction LC · · · Letter … … LiM · · · of Linear meter LIM · · · …
  • Sensor technique
    … 388 laser diode, 667 laser removing, 384 Laserbonden, 667, 1022 laser distance sensor, float technology, 739 laser photometers, 1106 laser curing, 382 laser interferometry 1032, 266 laser particle counters , laser scanners, 688, 689 … … 1374 inductively coupled the LC transponders blank diffusion, 241 … … light source 671 3 D measurement 675, 648, 667 light section sensor, 678 receiving geometry, detectors, 671 …
  • Various pattern-forming states of nematic liquid crystal based on the sign inversion of dielectric anisotropy
    The LC alignment of the samples was confirmed with a polarized optical microscope. The capacitance of each cell was measured using a LCR meter (HP4284A) at different temperature and frequency … … and area of electrode, respec- tively.7 The capacitance values determined from homeotro- pic and homogeneous cells …
  • Design, development, and evaluation of a tilt and soil moisture sensor network for slope monitoring applications
    Instead of using LC oscillators, their system made use of the microcontroller’s RC oscillator for simplicity. A PIC microcontroller which has oscillators capable of working at high enough frequencies (above 10 MHz) was … … their system, allowing wireless data collection via radio communication over a range of 30 to 100 meters .
  • Electrical measurement
    The LC resonant circuit 407, 418 Least Significant the bit (LSB) 319 Leerlauf-Differenzeingangsspannung 178 idle running voltage gain … … of 14 352 electronic to power density spectral 458 power density function 461 spectral 458 ff power knife power measurement 128, 219 … … function 117 meters provisions 4 electromechanical 117 Schaltzeichen 135 measuring size 3, 4 receiving 5 detection 117 …
  • Independent antennas of the frequency
    This column rests tr ~ s below support surface of the antenna on a horizontal tray that … Lc signal d6tect6 is amplifi6 and visualis6 on an indicator of T. O. S. tooth the amplifier … The device exp6rimental of currents measurement has 6t6 test6 on a length h = 25 mms cylindrical doh …
  • The problem of the soundproofing of the premises of the French administration of the P. T. T.
    At this 6 gard, donn6s in annex is the r6suhats of the measures that we could carry … … absorption is the in ~ tre carr6, but the Anglo-Saxons country gives lc name of (< Juniperus … … decrease of the nivcau of noise N that can be expected of the exposure in unc sallc …
  • Dubbel
    Laval-pressure ratio D 16 LC polymers E 78 life cycle costs Q 52 LED I 16 … … 22 multiple channel regulator X 13 multiple body systems Q 35 multiple coordinate meters W 7 multiple … … W 1, W 4 measuring sizes of the technique W 6 measuring size receiving W 1 measuring …
  • Facility for Advanced Accelerator Experimental Tests at SLAC (FACET) Conceptual Design Report
    QuickPIC is a 3-D, PIC code that uses a quasi-static approximation to decrease the computing … Plasma wakefield accelerators have now demonstrated the ability to sustain very large gradients over meter scale distances. A PWFA- LC must accelerate a separate witness bunch with finite energy spread.

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