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  • Pick-to-Light System Error-Proofs Automotive Parts Assembly
    and demonstrate dramatic improvements in quality control to obtain a new project contract. They selected Omron to design and install a poka-yoke system based on pick-to-light sensors. The popular Japanese mistake-proofing method called "poka-yoke" gives an assembler the opportunity to correct an error
  • Increase Pick Density and Find Flow Track with Higher Capacity and Better Flow Than Plastic Wheel Lanes
    Thomas & Howard, a large wholesale grocer based in South Carolina, had a twofold objective when they decided to refine its order picking procedure: 1. Increase the number of pick locations within the existing setup. 2. Find a heavy duty flow track that would provide reliable carton flow
  • Machine Vision Industry Focus: Putting Light to Work
    spectrometers pick up light from a target that is transmitted through a flexible optical fiber. These fibers are not the kind used to transmit telecom signals. They are specialty fibers designed specifically to pass different light qualities that depend on the application at hand. These fiber assemblies
  • Cars that talk and listen
    by an idiot light on the instrument cluster. But what if your car, hot-synched to your handheld device, could remind you to pick up groceries on the way home, complete with a shopping list? Or if your car could talk you through the navigation of an unfamiliar neighborhood? The point is, it's time
  • Peering into the Core of a Globular Cluster
    center of gravity. The stars are packed so densely in the cluster's core that it is difficult for ground-based telescopes to make out individual stars. Hubble's high resolution is able to pick up where ground-based telescopes leave off, capturing distinct points of light from stars at the very center of
  • University of Waterloo Skip to the content of the web site.
    three-dimensional pictures of parts of the eye that are so small they would not otherwise be visible. The device shines a focused laser beam into the eye and has a photo-detector device that can pick up and analyse light reflected back from deep within the retinal area. It penetrates the cornea and the lens
  • Smart Computing Article - Pointing The Way
    March 2000 Vol.8 Issue 3 Add To My Personal Library We Pick Our Favorite Mice & Trackballs Pointing and clicking for hours on end with 24 different mice and trackballs tends to shed some light on what works and what doesn't where pointing devices are concerned. After exhaustively testing
  • Software for designing springs
    holders rely on beam springs for contacts. When the need for a spring arise, users can pick a reasonable fit from a catalog, or design the perfect one using software such as SpringCAD. The software handles all calculations for designing several varieties of beam, compression, extension, helical torsion

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