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  • Schematics for future weapons to be rendered in 3-D

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a 3-D picture worth?

  • Curt G. Joa uses EPLAN to help program PLCs

    Curt G. Joa, Inc. designs and builds large manufacturing platforms. Using EPLAN and its Schematics to automatically create schematics and help drive its RSLogix 5000 software generator saves Joa hundreds of hours in design time and labor cost for each machine it builds.

  • AT Power Supply Schematic

    Does anyone have a detailed schematic for an AT Power Supply? My intention is to intercept the DC output from the first stage,before it is converted to high frequency,and insert a separate DC Source,in effect,eliminating the need for AC input. Thanks in advance for all help on this.

  • Mars Opportunity Defies Expectations

    The Mars rover Opportunity landed on the Mars' Meridani Planum on January 25, 2004. Opportunity has traveled 26.2 miles during its nearly 11 years on Mars. To celebrate it's recently completed marathon I figured I'd post some cool images and stats about the rover. Here's a schematic of Opportunity.

  • 4017 & 555 Police LED Lights Project (noob question)

    hello, i am assigned to create a physical project starting from the schematics on the left side. my teacher told me that the schematic is incomplete, so the first step is to corect it and then use pads and then send the gerber files to a company to create it. i started reserching it and every schem