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    Laboratory Tongs - (24 companies)
    Laboratory tongs are tools used for grasping and lifting materials or labware. Most tongs are sized to effectively fit different types of labware including crucibles, beakers, and test tubes. They can be made from various materials depending... Learn More
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    Laboratory Spatulas - (28 companies)
    Laboratory spatulas are implements with flattened ends used to mix, spread and lift chemicals. Spatulas are most commonly made of stainless steel to provide clean mixing and prevent corrosion. Other materials include rubber and certain polymers... Learn More
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    Laboratory Furnaces - (150 companies)
    Laboratory furnaces provide continuous heating to process samples and materials. They are generally built from high temperature (refractory) materials so that they can maintain high temperatures without breaking down. Often, laboratory furnaces... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Laboratory Fittings - (52 companies)
    ...remove the need for a wrench or other tools when tightening a fitting into place. The fitting is made from durable and chemically-resistant plastic and is able to hold high pressures. Finger-tightened fittings are more popular in laboratories because... Learn More
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    Laboratory and Calibration Gases - (72 companies)
    ...for proper calibration. No job, including instrument calibration, can be performed properly or safely without the right tools. The type and concentration of calibration gas, sample tubing, flow regulators and calibration adapters are key links... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) - (73 companies)
    Process execution software. Records management software. Applications to interface with analytical instruments or data systems. Workflow tools. Client tracking applications. Best practice and compliance databases. Enterprise resource planning (ERP... Learn More
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    Hand Tools - (2008 companies)
    Tools. For every basic type of hand tool, many specialized varieties are available. For example, a standard wrench has two fixed jaws, but an adjustable pipe wrench has two serrated, movable jaws for gripping and turning a pipe. A standard hammer can... Learn More
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    Crimp Tools - (385 companies)
    ...crimping tool. Many tools will have two crimping cavities to properly roll the terminal's crimps, and possibly more if there are two conductors in the wire. Some crimp tools will feature several gauge sizes and possibly a stripper to enhance the crimper's... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Semiconductor Cluster Tools - (65 companies)
    NIST. Standards. Semiconductor cluster tools may be designed with the aid of published standards and specifications. Example standards include: SEMI E21 Mechanical interface and wafer transport standard for cluster tool module interfaces. SEMI E22... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Hand and Power Tool Repair Services - (33 companies)
    Hand and power tool repair services specialize in the repair and maintenance of hand-held air, electric, and manually-powered tools. Hand tool repair services fix manually-operated tools such as calipers, hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches... Learn More

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