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  • A Perspective on Piezo Motors (.pdf)
    . Piezo is derived from the Greek word “piezein” which means to squeeze or press. And no, we’re not. going to make wine. Around 1880 the Curie brothers (Jacques & Pierre) demonstrated that if you applied enough. pressure to some crystals you could generate electricity. Further study has revealed more
  • Made To Measure
    In this note the different types of transducers that can be used with the Prosig P8000 series data acquisition system are discussed. The article deals with the design and function of the different types of transducer and the applications they are normally associated with. Made To Measure
  • Do You Know Acousto-optics?
    - as defined by the. Rayleigh criterion. RF Power (PRF): The electrical power delivered by the driver. Acoustic power (Pa): The acoustic power generated in the crystal by the piezo-. Separation angle (Θ): electric transducer. This will be lower than the RF power as. The angle between the zero order
  • Piezoelectric Sensor Technology
    based on mechanical charac‐. Transducers should ideally be isolated from ground by. teris cs. at least 10MΩ. Where a grounded transducer is. employed, noise pick‐up from ground currents in the. Lower Half Power Cut‐Off Frequency. structure under test may prevent accurately measuring. The low frequency
  • Two Technologies
    to the application. Doppler transducers usually operate at 640 kHz to 1 MHz frequencies and work on a wide range of pipe diameters. Transit Time flowmeters must have a pair of transducers, each containing a piezo-electric crystal. One transducer transmits sound while the other acts as a receiver
  • Beeps, Bongs, Bangs, And Buzzers... Which Sound Device is Right for Your Application?
    sounds. Two of the most popular technologies used in audible alarms are. piezo-ceramic transducers and electro-magnetic type technology. Both of these audible alarm. technologies have two primary components: 1) A base material mounted within a sound chamber. 2) A. drive circuit which supplies
  • Low Frequency Machinery Monitoring: Measurement Considerations
    vibration alarm levels and low amplitude measure-. Piezo-Velocity transducers (PVT) are low frequency. ment requirements are specified to benchmark the. accelerometers with internal integration. They exhibit. electronic noise characteristics of the measurement. much broader frequency ranges compared
  • Measuring For Success
    for excitation, as shown in figure 4, is a rubber-based hammer with a force transducer built inside the head. The force transducer is quite simply a form of piezo electric crystal. When this crystal is put under compression a small voltage is generated. This voltage is captured by the P8012 data