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Parts by Number for Piezo Driver Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LT3572EUF#PBF Digi-Key Linear Technology Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC DRIVER PIEZO DUAL 20QFN
LT3572EUF#PBF ASAP Semiconductor LINEAR Not Provided IC, DUAL PIEZO DRIVER, 900MA, 20QFN; Primary Input Voltage:10V;
DRV8662RGPR Digi-Key Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC PIEZO HAPTIC DRIVER 20QFN
LM4960SQ National Microchip National Semiconductor Not Provided IC PIEZO SPEAKER DRIVER 28-LLP
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  • A Perspective on Piezo Motors (.pdf)
    What's a piezomotor? We've heard about it and we know that it's not some kind of a new engine for an Italian sports car. Piezo- (pi e'zo', pe a'zo'-) kind of sounds like Pisano the Italian sculptor (also a brand of wine), but it's not even Italian. Piezo is derived from the Greek word "piezein
  • PIC Microcontroller Horn Driver (.pdf)
    as the horn driver. is required. The PWM output driven by the ECCP module in Half-. HORN THEORY. Bridge mode, with both the P1A and P1B outputs. active-high, will step through the 125 through. Horns generally use a Piezo element, that when driven. 166 clocks per cycle periods at a period rate
  • AN-0200 - OC100HG Push-Pull Driver in Pockels Cells Switching Methods
    for steering electron beams. Photo-multiplier tubes. High voltage piezo-electric devices. The application described in this document required fast high voltage bipolar drive of a. Pockels cell. Remarkably, in this particular application, the push-pull OC100HG. configuration was able to replace a $10,000
  • Motion Control
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  • Medical Device Link .
    not require frequent replacement, the cost of ownership over several years is low. Piezo transducers are produced for a variety of OEM and medical applications. Transducer types include dual-element units 0.250 to 0.750 in. diam with frequency ranges of 1 to 10 MHz as well as imaging models
  • You Just Backed Up Over My Foot: Why Didn't I Hear Your Back-Up Alarm?
    in the back-up alarm application. depending on the sound level needed. Below are examples of the three different types of. technology: Piezoelectric. Piezo-Hybrid. Speaker. Technology. Technology. Technology. 105 dB @ 2 ft. 110 dB @ 3 ft. 112 dB @ 4 ft. The “105 dB @ 2 ft” under the piezoelectric
  • Ceramic Actuators and Custom Subassemblies
    ./6cc9d62c-3ce6-4149-945c-f3e604402d70 1484_PI_Ceramic_Katalog.qxd 12.01.2004 13:50 Uhr Seite 1. Piezo Ceramic Actuators. & Custom Subassemblies. +. +. +. +. +. +. +. +. +. 1484_PI_Ceramic_Katalog.qxd 12.01.2004 13:54 Uhr Seite 39. Piezoelectric Actuator Materials. Introduction. PI Ceramic
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