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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PIEZO Radwell Sonozap Sensors & Switches, Ultrasonic Sensor ULTRASONIC PROCESSOR 110/120VAC W/PROBE
PIEZO Radwell Sonaer Sensors & Switches, Ultrasonic Sensor ULTRASONIC PROCESSOR 110/120VAC W/PROBE
DM163022 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided temperature and much more. A demonstration program loaded on the installed PIC16F1937 (40-pin) MCU. Sample kit with PIC16F1827 (18-pin), PIC16F1936 (28-pin) and PIC18F46K22 (40-pin) MCUs. Source code for all programs. Generous prototyping area. Key Components. LCD display. Piezo buzzer. Temperature...
24PCGFM6G Allied Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL MICROSWITCH Not Provided Piezo pressure sensor,0-250psi,gauge
LPS331APY Digi-Key STMicroelectronics Sensors, Transducers IC PRESSURE SENSOR PIEZO 16HCLGA
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  • Reliable Measurement - Piezo Sensors: Perfect Test Results, From The Widest Measuring Range Down To The Smallest Sub-Range
    a long period of time. Therefore, 5 kN can be measured with a 140-kN sensor as precisely as with a 5-kN sensor. The positive effect: sensors achieve extremely high overload capability without loss of accuracy. Piezo technology thus allows precise and reliable measurement in a wide measuring range
  • Useful Formulae and Conversion Factors
    Low frequency response, piezo sensors
  • Piezo Motors Shrink a Zoom Module to 6 mm Thickness
    This app note details how piezo motors can be used to create a tiny optical zoom module with only 6 mm thickness. Using SQUIGGLE micro motors and TRACKER position sensors, the design offers 4 mm of travel and 0.5 micron closed-loop position resolution in a module only 6.5 mm thick. The length
  • Pressure Sensor Technology: Part 2 in a 5-Part Series
    The three most common pressure sensor principles described below include metal thin-film and ceramic thick-film pressure sensors, which are the two most common implementations of resistive pressure measurement. The third pressure sensor principle is the piezo-resistive pressure sensor
  • Ultrasonic Equivalent Manufacturers use MTI-2100 Fotonic Sensor for Precise and Repeatable Vibration Measurements
    . To create this motion typically a high voltage, high frequency electrical signal is supplied to a piezo-electric crystal stack. As the crystals are excited they expand and contract at the same rate as the excitation signal. The amplitude, or peak-to-peak travel distance, depends on the piezo stack
  • Piezoelectric Ceramic Elements
    applications, a metal plate is attached to the element because the resonant frequency of the ceramic is too high to produce an audible tone by itself. The metal plate vibrates because of the contraction and expansion of the piezo ceramic, and an audible signal is produced.
  • Micro moves
    of piezo actuators to produce the orbital motion. Reversing the phase relationship lets the device move the shaft in the opposite direction. Nearly all mobile phones made today have built-in cameras. But there is a problem with these novel devices. They produce mediocre pictures, mainly because they have
  • New Roles For Ceramic Parts
    nozzle. The insert has higher density and strength, and lower porosity than the surrounding material. This improves dimensional stability and resistance to erosion and corrosion. These automotive knock sensors contain a small piezo element which, when combined with an FET-amplifier, helps adjust timing

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