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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PIEZO PLC Radwell Sonozap Sensors & Switches, Ultrasonic Sensor ULTRASONIC PROCESSOR 110/120VAC W/PROBE
SMR1912T075311   Steiner & Martins, Inc. Piezoelectric Sensors Piezo Electric Ceramic Ring Transducer. Part Number: SMR1912T075311 -- SIMILAR PRODUCTS. Piezoelectric Ceramic Ring with Silver electrodes on both sides. Piezo Material: SM311. Dimensions: OD 19 x ID 12 x Th 0.75mm. Resonant frequency fr: 61KHz ± 3KHz. Electromechanical coupling coefficient...
SMC14H12111   Steiner & Martins, Inc. Piezoelectric Sensors Piezo Electric Ceramic Cylinder Transducer. Part Number: SMC14H12111 -- SIMILAR PRODUCTS. Piezoelectric Ceramic Cylinder. Hoop mode vibration application. Piezo Material: SM111. Dimensions: Diam. 14 x Height 12mm. Resonant frequency fr: 100KHz ±3%. Electromechanical coupling coefficient Kr:
SMR38D127T63   Steiner & Martins, Inc. Piezoelectric Sensors Piezo Electric Ceramic Ring Transducer. Part Number: SMR38D127T63 -- SIMILAR PRODUCTS. Piezoelectric Ceramic Ring with Silver electrodes on both sides. Piezo Material: SM111. Dimensions: OD 38 x ID 12.7 x Th 6.3mm. Resonant frequency fr: 44 KHz ±3 KHz. Electromechanical coupling coefficient
P-721.CDQ   PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. Piezoelectric Actuators are essential. Here, specifying or reporting absolute position values is either not required or is handled by external sensors, such as interferometers, a vision system or photodiode PSD (position sensitive detector). These models retain the inherent piezo advantages such as high resolution...
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  • Reliable Measurement - Piezo Sensors: Perfect Test Results, From The Widest Measuring Range Down To The Smallest Sub-Range
    a long period of time. Therefore, 5 kN can be measured with a 140-kN sensor as precisely as with a 5-kN sensor. The positive effect: sensors achieve extremely high overload capability without loss of accuracy. Piezo technology thus allows precise and reliable measurement in a wide measuring range
  • Useful Formulae and Conversion Factors
    Low frequency response, piezo sensors
  • Piezo Motors Shrink a Zoom Module to 6 mm Thickness
    This app note details how piezo motors can be used to create a tiny optical zoom module with only 6 mm thickness. Using SQUIGGLE micro motors and TRACKER position sensors, the design offers 4 mm of travel and 0.5 micron closed-loop position resolution in a module only 6.5 mm thick. The length
  • Choosing Sensors for Medical Applications (.pdf)
    applications. Implantable Sensors. Implantable sensors need to be small, lightweight and compatible with. Figure. 1: Miniature Piezo film. body mass as well as require very little power to operate. Most. sensor enlarged about 10x. importantly, they must not decay over time. Since these are Class III
  • Pressure Sensor Technology: Part 2 in a 5-Part Series
    The three most common pressure sensor principles described below include metal thin-film and ceramic thick-film pressure sensors, which are the two most common implementations of resistive pressure measurement. The third pressure sensor principle is the piezo-resistive pressure sensor
  • Criteria for the Selection of the Proper Distance Sensor Technology
    instead of. optical irradiation. The most important measurement is the velocity of sound or the run-. time of ultrasonic impulses, which are transported by the medium air. With the use of. converters, which are based upon the reversible piezo-electric effect, single-head systems. can be realized
  • Interfacing Pressure Sensors to Microchip's Analog Peripherals
    in. that is fabricated using silicon processing. Piezo means. the position of mechanical arm or the level of liquid in a. pressure, resistance means opposition to a DC current. tube. flow. Since piezoresistive pressure sensors are fabri-. Electrically excited pressure sensors are most syner-. cated
  • Piezoelectric Sensor Technology
    that senses acceleration should be used. Correlations should not be attempted with velocity and displacement data without careful consideration of the calculations that are necessary for complex wave motion. Piezo 2 Piezoelectric Sensor. Technology. Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc., 1925

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