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  • Linear & Rotary Positioning Stages Engineering Guide (.pdf)
    Loading. 1.1 Precision. Axial. Load. Perpendicular. Load. Linear. 3. Motion Control Components.....................................275. Accuracy. Repeatability. 3.1. Motors. Resolution. Straightness. Brushless. Servo. Flatness. Linear. Servo. Piezo. Ceramic. Angular. 3.2. Encoders. Pitch. Yaw. Rotary
  • Challenges in Photonics Manuafacturing
    for harsher motions such as sawtooth-waves. Elimination of structural resonances results in higher-fidelity Bragg gratings: narrower channel widths, higher efficiency. Air-bearing/piezo stage from Dover Instruments Inc., Westboro, Mass., employs vibration nullification in the manufacture of Fiber
  • Hyperbit: Patented New Technology Increases DAC Resolution and Provides Improved Positioning Resolution.
    . DACs are. provide only 0.23 and 0.12µm resolution with these. typically very fast compared to motion devices, even. stages—coarser than many motorized stages. those as responsive as a piezo-driven mechanisms. provide. OEM users might choose an 18-, 20- or 24-. A fast analog update rate is what
  • Positioning in nanometers
    into mechanical energy and vice versa. The precise motion that results when an electric field is applied to a piezoelectric material is valuable in nanopositioning. Nanometer-scale motion platforms typically use piezo actuators or stages for fine, accurate and fast movements. The piezo actuator usually sits
  • MicroPositioning Fundamentals
    MicroPositioning Solutions * Manually driven linear stages from with 6 to 150 mm travel * Optional piezo drives providing 1 nanometer resolution * Motorized translation stages from 5 to 306 mm (12") travel * Direct output metrology (integrated glass scales)for highest accuracy * Variety of drive
  • Workstation for Laser Direct-Write Processing (.pdf)
    dimensions, while a piezo stage moves the sample or. into a beam diagnostic unit (AC). The laser pulse is. the objective up and down. In the second case, the sample is. characterized both in the time and frequency domains by. moved in all three dimensions with the aid of a three-axis. employing
  • Mie scattering distinguishes the topological charge of an optical vortex: a homage to Gustav Mie
    . The intensities recorded on each. segment are combined to give displacement signals corresponding to the directions x and y. (x = (A + D) − (B + C) and y = (A + B) − (C + D)). New Journal of Physics 11 (2009) 013046 ( 4. y. Lamp. B A. DM. x. C D. L. CMOS. 100x. NA 1.0. Piezo stage
  • New Roles For Ceramic Parts
    nozzle. The insert has higher density and strength, and lower porosity than the surrounding material. This improves dimensional stability and resistance to erosion and corrosion. These automotive knock sensors contain a small piezo element which, when combined with an FET-amplifier, helps adjust timing

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