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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PT-1240PQ Allied Electronics, Inc. MALLORY SONALERT PRODUCTS INC Not Provided TRANSDUCER, MOUNTED PIEZO, 4100 SOUND FREQ. ( HZ) 3.0-20 V , 80 DB AT 10CM,
PLD-21N30WQ Newark / element14 MALLORY Not Provided MALLORY - PLD-21N30WQ - TRANSDUCER; PIEZO; 3KHZ; 80DB; 30VDC
PK-20A25PQ Newark / element14 MALLORY Not Provided MALLORY - PK-20A25PQ - TRANSDUCER; PIEZO; 2.5KHZ; 95DBA; 24VDC
SC628DJR Newark / element14 MALLORY Not Provided MALLORY - SC628DJR - TRANSDUCER; PIEZO; 1.9KHZ; 75DBA; 28VDC
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  • A Perspective on Piezo Motors (.pdf)
    What's a piezomotor? We've heard about it and we know that it's not some kind of a new engine for an Italian sports car. Piezo- (pi e'zo', pe a'zo'-) kind of sounds like Pisano the Italian sculptor (also a brand of wine), but it's not even Italian. Piezo is derived from the Greek word "piezein
  • Silicon Pressure Transducers
    pattern and. utilize the change in resistance. resulting from deforming the foil. elements. Semiconductor devices. use a silicon or germanium strain. gage and utilize the piezo-resistive. properties of these materials. In order to use strain gages to. Generally, there are four strain
  • Medical Device Link .
    not require frequent replacement, the cost of ownership over several years is low. Piezo transducers are produced for a variety of OEM and medical applications. Transducer types include dual-element units 0.250 to 0.750 in. diam with frequency ranges of 1 to 10 MHz as well as imaging models
  • Ins and Outs of I/P Transducers (.pdf)
    500, 550, and 590. 1. Coil and Magnet. Flapper. Nozzle. Orifice Screw. Start-up Spring. Diaphragm Assembly. Relief Valve. Supply. Valve. Figure 1 – ControlAir Model 550. Another common flapper design incorporates a ceramic piezo-electric actuator. These. are commonly utilized in combination
  • How Do Ultrasonic Cleaners Work?
    An ultrasonic cleaner is a metal container that has ceramic piezo transducers attached to the side or the bottom of the tank. These transducers convert one form of energy to another. They also change size when an electrical signal excites it. When the transducer is excited it increases in size
  • Piezo Tutorial: Designing Precision Motion Control Systems with Piezoelectric Transducers - Nanopositioning Fundamentals
  • A Primer on Displacement Measuring Interferometers
    in semiconductor lithography, e-beam and laser reticle writers, CD measurement tools, process equipment, and memory repair tools, • characterization of high resolution, high frequency mechanical motions such as piezo transducers, linear and rotary scale calibration, AFM stage calibration. This primer
  • Made To Measure
    content and the magnitude of these accelerations is directly proportional to the vibration. The main type of accelerometer is a piezo electric type. The official name for these is IEPE, this stands for Integrated Electronic Piezo Electric. Often these are known as ICP, although that is actually

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