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    Speakers - (715 companies)
    How to Select Speakers Image Credit: Digi-Key Corporation Speakers use a vibrating membrane or diaphragm to produce sound in response to an electric, digital, or wireless signal. They include an integral or external amplifier, drivers...
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    Sound Pressure Level
    Nominal Input Power
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    Ultrasonic Transducers - (165 companies)
    Ultrasonic transducers send and receive waves for many types of sensing. Examples include distance, proximity, level, nondestructive evaluation, web break detection, counting, and security applications. Ultrasonic transducers send and receive waves...
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  • Audio Transducers and Buzzers-Image
    Audio Transducers and Buzzers - (224 companies)
    Piezoelectric audio transducers use a metal plate in conjunction with the piezo ceramic element. The metal plate vibrates when the element expands and contracts, producing an audible sound. A PCB-mounted piezo buzzer. Image credit: Advanced Acoustic...
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  • Ultrasonic Linear Position Sensors and Switches-Image
    Ultrasonic Linear Position Sensors and Switches - (86 companies)
    ...noise, and EMI radiation. Types. Ceramic and electrostatic sensing elements are common technologies for ultrasonic linear position sensors and switches. Ceramic sensors are bonded to a metal case or cone and use the Piezo effect to create...
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  • Ultrasonic Instruments-Image
    Ultrasonic Instruments - (261 companies)
    Ultrasonic Instruments Information. Ultrasonic instruments use beams of high frequency, short wave signals to inspect, monitor, and measure materials and components. Ultrasonic energy is introduced into tested materials or components...
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    Audible Alarms - (454 companies)
    ...devices that give off a reverberating sound when struck. Buzzers are electronic signaling devices that make a buzzing sound (a low continuous humming like that of a bee). Speakers are designed to reproduce attention penetrating tones and voice commands...
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    Ultrasonic Cutting and Welding Equipment - (65 companies)
    Ultrasonic Cutting and Welding Machines Information. Ultrasonic welding and cutting machines melt areas with an arc and then use a high-velocity, high-temperature ionized gas to make cuts. The high-velocity ionized gas conducts electricity from...
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    Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors - (176 companies)
    Ultrasonic proximity sensors use reflected or transmitted ultrasonic waves to detect the presence or absence of a target component. The output is boolean, that is, the sensor merely detects whether the target is or is not within the detection range...
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    Ultrasonic Cleaners and Cleaning Systems - (207 companies)
    Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency sound waves to create bubbles for loosening and removing dirt, scale, and other impurities from parts. Ultrasonic Cleaners and Cleaning Systems Information. Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency sound waves...
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    Ultrasonic Flow Meters - (231 companies)
    Ultrasonic Flow Meters Information. Ultrasonic flow meters use sound waves to determine flow rates. They can be either Doppler Effect meters or Time-of-Flight meters. Doppler Effect meters measure the frequency shifts caused by fluid flow...
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    Four Piezo ceramic speakers project ultrasonic waves in an overlapping fan...
  • Transducers USA Launches New Electret Microphone
    Apart from the Electret Microphone, the company’s wide range of ceramic elements, piezo buzzers, receivers, microphones, speakers , ultrasonic sensors, and emitters find wide applications in medical, telecommunications, and product industries across North America.
  • Acoustic Components Selling Leads, Acoustic Components Manufacturers, Acoustic Components Exporters & Suppliers
    We supply acoustic components (buzzer, speaker , microphone, Alarm, Ultrasonic Sensor, piezo disc, Receiver) with good...
  • Intraspecific acoustic communication and mechanical sensitivity of the tympanal ear of the gypsy moth Lymantria dispar
    To compare tympanal sensitivity with sonic and ultrasonic pure tone fre- quencies, a piezoelectric speaker (Buzzer piezo element: CEB-44D06; Digi-Key, Thief River Falls, Minnesota) and a sinewave generator programmed in audacity, version 2.0 ( were employed.
  • The Future of Thermal Comfort in an Energy- Constrained World
    Ultrasonic humidifiers work by agitating the water that sat over a *1 MHz piezo -electric speaker .
  • Emerging Directions in Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing
    Finally, the transmitting/receiving devices of the CORAL [4], the Acoustic Communication [5], the Low-Power Acoustic Modem [7], and our modem were the piezo -transducers, the sounder and microphone, the projector/ speaker and hydrophone/microphone, and the ultrasonic sensors respectively.
  • Mineralogy
    High-quality and pure Quarz crystals the use in the optical industry as piezo quartzes for control of electrical vibrations finds (e … and in the electroacoustics by the generation of ultrasound (as transducer in microphones, loudspeakers and ultrasound devices) as…
  • Mineralogy
    High-quality and pure Quarz crystals the use in the optical industry as piezo quartzes for control of electrical vibrations finds (e … and in the electroacoustics by the generation of ultrasound (as transducer in microphones, loudspeakers and ultrasound devices) as…
  • Low cost data transmission via metallic solids for sensor networking
    The converters are realized by means of standard piezo speakers , which are usually used to produce single sine tones to signalize to a … device are occurring. Fortunately. it is also possible to use them in the ultrasonic range as the transfer…
  • Advanced Ceramic Technologies & Products
    …Photosensitive paste method, 179 Physical vapor deposition (PVD), 417 Piezoelectric actuator, 123 Piezoelectric buzzer, 527, 549 Piezoelectric ceramics, 209, 297, 517, 549 for ultrasonic probes, 515 Piezoelectric constant … single crystal, 69 Piezoelectric speaker , 527 Piezoelectric transformer, 209–212 Piezo print head, 165 Pigment…