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  • Measurement Microphone Handbook
    , Prepolarized Electret Condenser Microphones,. Magnetic Microphones, and Piezoelectric Microphones. The carbon microphone design is a value-oriented design. This design is a very low quality. acoustic transducer type. An enclosure is built. This enclosure houses lightly packed carbon. granules
  • Introduction to Piezoelectric Accelerometers
    The classic Piezoelectric Accelerometer is the most commonly used transducer in the vibration world today. These accelerometers are inexpensive, come in a variety of packages, and easy/forgiving to use. Learn more about the basics of these sensors here... PCB Piezotronics Sensors, Accelerometers
  • Introduction to Piezoelectric Force Sensors
    Piezoelectric force sensors are used for a variety of dynamic measurements. Impact hammers are probably the most common examples of this type of PE force sensor. Find out how these sensors work here... PCB Piezotronics Sensors, Accelerometers, Pressure Sensors, Acoustic Microphones > Error404. Home
  • Introduction to Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors
    Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors measure dynamic pressures. They are generally not suited for static pressure measurements. Dynamic pressure measurements including turbulence, blast, ballistics and engine combustion under varying conditions may require sensors with special capabilities. Fast response
  • Piezo Buzzer & Magnetic Buzzer
    A piezo buzzer generates sound because of the piezoelectric effect from the piezoelectric ceramic which drives the metallic diaphragm to vibrate. A magnetic buzzer is based on the electromagnetic principle, the metal diaphragm is pulled when input the power, and spring back without power. Piezo
  • Made To Measure
    . As sometimes sound pressure variations outside that frequency range can be important to design engineers as well. The main types of microphone are the condenser microphone, carbon microphone, magnetic microphone and the piezoelectric microphone. The condenser is the most widely used in situations
  • A Perspective on Piezo Motors (.pdf)
    Williams and Walter Brown of Brush Development Company in 1942. They received a patent for this "Piezoelectric Motor" in 1948. There have been quite a few developments related to piezoelectric motors since then. ./654a7a12-7fc3-4aa9-b97b-ba618cea0b10. Hold the Anchovies!. Or. No small silvery fish
  • Driving Long Cables
    . Single Axis. Triaxial. Miniature Piezoelectric. Single Axis. Triaxial. Miniature ICP. High Temperature ICP® (to 325 ºF/163 ºC). Single Axis. High Temperature( > 500 ºF/260 ºC). High Sensitivity ICP®. Structural Test ICP®. MEMS DC Response. Shock ICP®. Special Purpose Instruments. Accessories

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