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Parts by Number for Piezoelectric Pump Top

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RE46C104 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The RE46C104 is a piezoelectric horn driver with voltage converter to provide maximum audibility in low voltage applications. The feedback control pin is designed for use with self-oscillating piezoelectric horn but can also be used in direct drive applications. The built-in charge pump voltage...

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  • PT 103: Pump Monitoring
    . monitoring with PZT piezoelectric accelerometers assures reliable measurements. across the vibration spectrum. Very low frequency pump monitoring. Most pumps operate from 450 to 3,600 cpm (7.5 to 60 Hz) depending on site. power, drive, and gearing. Almost all vibrations sensors are adequate
  • Introduction to Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors
    Dynamic pressure sensors are designed to measure pressure changes in liquids and gasses such as in shock tube studies, in-cylinder pressure measurements, field blast tests, pressure pump perturbations, and in other pneumatic and hydraulic processes. Their high rigidity and small size give them
  • Micro Pumps
    Micro pumps are essential for moving fluids in miniaturized systems. The working principal of a typical micro pump involves interaction of a flexible structure with the working fluid. The flexible structure is deformed using some actuation technique (e.g., piezoelectric or electrostatic actuation
  • Medical Device Link .
    A membrane micropump offered by a developer of microfluidics systems for medical technology, pharmaceutical research, and other applications uses piezoelectric actuation in conjunction with flap valves to rectify the flow. Liquids and gases can be pumped by the long-lasting all-plastic mp5
  • Medical Device Link .
    found in insulin pumps, diagnostic equipment, and portable oxygen generators. "These new piezoelectric microactuators are the first to use microfabrication methods, which are used to make computer chips and micromachines from silicon-based materials, " says Srinivas A. Tadigadapa, associate professor
  • Medical Device Link .
    cost-effective, he notes.Suitable for stand-alone applications, the pumps can also be integrated into custom systems, such as lab-on-a-chip products. Various electronic controls, including some that can be operated from a PC, are available for testing purposes. Piezoelectric ceramic components reportedly
  • TN 18: Industrial Vibration Sensor Selection - Piezovelocity Transducers
    PiezoVelocity transducers have distinct advantages over traditional velocity pickups and piezoelectric accelerometers in many industrial monitoring applications. Onboard velocity integration overcomes low frequency cable pickup and the input noise of data acquisition equipment. In addition
  • Medical Device Link . Dispensing systems for miniaturized diagnostics The requirements of miniaturized assays and other advanced diagnostics pose technical challenges for the development of reagent dispensing systems.
    for achieving quantitative noncontact dispensing is a system in which a positive-displacement pump is used to supply reagent to a noncontact dispense element (see Figure 2). Suitable noncontact dispense elements could include piezoelectric displacement, solenoid time-open, orifice, or aerosol units

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