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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
510-93-175-16-096002 Heilind Electronics, Inc. MILL-MAX MFG Connectors PIN GRID ARRAY SOCKET
510-93-101-13-061001 Allied Electronics, Inc. MILL-MAX Not Provided Socket; Pin Grid Array; 101; 0.02 in.; 0.125 in.; 200 muin. Sn/Pb; Clip; Gold
510-93-068-11-061001 Allied Electronics, Inc. MILL-MAX Not Provided Socket; Pin Grid Array; 68; 0.02 in.; 0.125 in.; 200 muin. Sn/Pb; Clip; Gold
133-PGM14014-40 Digi-Key Aries Electronics Connectors, Interconnects PIN GRID ARRAY SOCKET/HDR .100
209-PGM17020-10 Digi-Key Aries Electronics Connectors, Interconnects SOCKET/HEADER 209 PIN GRID ARRAY
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  • Pin-Grid Array (PGA)
    Pin grid array (PGA) is a second-generation package that uses through-hole technology (THT). Pins are located on a 0.1" grid in various patterns. Package size is reduced by moving pins to the underside of the package in a grid pattern. Variants include ceramic pin-grid array (CPGA), plastic
  • Land Grid Array (LGA)
    Land-grid array (LGA) is an integrated circuit (IC) package type for surface mount technology (SMT). Instead of pins, LGA uses pads of bare, gold-plated copper pads that touch pins on the motherboard. Compared to other IC package types, LGA provides larger contact points that allow for higher clock
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA)
    Ball-grid array (BGA) is an integrated circuit (IC) package type that places output pins in a solder-ball matrix. BGA traces are fabricated on polyimide-based films, or on laminated substrates such as bismaleimide triazine (BT). As a rule, BGA traces are designed to minimize crosstalk and potential
  • Optimizing Insertion Extraction Force in a Pin-Socket Interconnect
    increased durability, shorter development cycles, and the need for more cost effective solutions. For many products designed with today s high-performance integrated circuits, Ball Grid Array (BGA) socketing systems are an essential option during the design, testing, and/or production phases
  • Variables of Pin Transfer (.pdf)
    Pin transfer is a way of selectively depositing a semi-solid or liquid material (like a solder paste or ball-attach flux) onto a substrate. It is commonly used to apply flux to BGA (ball-grid-array) pads to promote subsequent solder sphere attachment. Pins are dipped into a reservoir of material so
  • Surface Mount PGA Connector Technology Enables Development of Custom Automotive Board to Board Connector System (.pdf)
    in an existing, molded PGA wafer. The result of combining our proven technologies was a surface mount, interstitial. pin grid array (PGA) connector.
  • Medical Device Link . Advanced Electronic Packaging Techniques Enhance Function, Performance, and Portability
    and flip chips. CSPs are typically only 1.2 1.3x larger than the bare die itself, and some CSPs are essentially shrunken BGAs. The external I/O grid array of a CSP is typically at a pitch of 0.5 1.0 mm, which is smaller than that of a BGA but much larger than a flip chip's fine pad arrays. CSPs
  • Applications of the TC62X Solid-State Temperature Sensors
    a single +5V. when a TC620 in SO package is mounted underneath. power supply, so the over-temperature warning is. the microprocessor’s pin grid array (PGA) package.  2003 Microchip Technology Inc. DS00762B-page 3. AN762. CMOS/TTL compatible. Also, supply current is only. about 140 µA when the fan is off
  • Medical Device Link .
    solder-charge technology for standard surface-mount attachment, both connectors offer better process yields than equivalent ball-grid-array connectors. Additionally, they spare customers from having to incorporate large, complex multilayer boards into systems. The HD Mezz connectors allow for stack
  • Medical Device Link .
    or solder-tinned flat-contact pins. Components with pin counts ranging from 4 to 48 are suited for connecting integrated-circuit packages to dual-in-line-package modules. The plastic-leaded-chip-carrier/pin-grid-array kit offers parts with pin counts of 20 to 100. All feature a FR4 substrate

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