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  • Pin-Grid Array (PGA)
    Pin grid array (PGA) is a second-generation package that uses through-hole technology (THT). Pins are located on a 0.1" grid in various patterns. Package size is reduced by moving pins to the underside of the package in a grid pattern. Variants include ceramic pin-grid array (CPGA), plastic
  • Land Grid Array (LGA)
    Land-grid array (LGA) is an integrated circuit (IC) package type for surface mount technology (SMT). Instead of pins, LGA uses pads of bare, gold-plated copper pads that touch pins on the motherboard. Compared to other IC package types, LGA provides larger contact points that allow for higher clock
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA)
    Ball-grid array (BGA) is an integrated circuit (IC) package type that places output pins in a solder-ball matrix. BGA traces are fabricated on polyimide-based films, or on laminated substrates such as bismaleimide triazine (BT). As a rule, BGA traces are designed to minimize crosstalk and potential
  • Variables of Pin Transfer (.pdf)
    Pin transfer is a way of selectively depositing a semi-solid or liquid material (like a solder paste or ball-attach flux) onto a substrate. It is commonly used to apply flux to BGA (ball-grid-array) pads to promote subsequent solder sphere attachment. Pins are dipped into a reservoir of material so
  • Surface Mount PGA Connector Technology Enables Development of Custom Automotive Board to Board Connector System (.pdf)
    in an existing, molded PGA wafer. The result of combining our proven technologies was a surface mount, interstitial. pin grid array (PGA) connector.
  • Medical Device Link . Advanced Electronic Packaging Techniques Enhance Function, Performance, and Portability
    , as device complexities increase and I/O counts escalate, leaded SMT packages are becoming larger, with lead pitches shrinking as low as 0.3 mm. As a result, alternative packaging and assembly technologies are gaining in prominence, particularly ball-grid arrays, chip-scale packages, chip-on-board
  • Computer Power User Article - No Need To RAM Your Head Against A Wall
    an upgrade path for those who want to switch to DDR2 later. DDR2 also comes in an FBGA package with a ball-grid array, making it sturdier and less space-consuming
  • Don't get your wires in a bunch
    nodes of each grid matrix bridge circuit paths from layer to layer. Once grids have been coded with circuit information, stacked in a 3D array of circuit traces, and the pins have been inserted at junction points, the unit becomes a 3D circuit module that carries loads of up to 200 A. The VEC can
  • Unique Application of Solder Ball Technology on QFP Pads Improves Processing Reliability
    challenges associated with QFP packages such as non-coplanar leads "lifting" after reflow, opened the door for newer, high density packages, such as Ball Grid Array (BGA), that are ultimately more cost effective and process friendly.