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  • AirBNC Broadcast Connector Independent Test Report
    results in significant labor savings during termination - they can routinely be terminated in 15 seconds. The. cable conductor is retained by beryllium copper spring loaded fingers within the center pin - similar to the interface of a BNC plug and jack.
  • Medical Device Link .
    ) interconnect line consists of an assortment of 10-pin shielded I/O connectors and accessories. Connectors are available in male and female wire-mount versions and board-mount designs as right-angle through-hole or vertical surface-mount male plugs. They
  • USB-ADP-PC Serial Adapter
    The USB-ADP-PC serial adapter is to be used with either the USB2000 or the HR2000 spectrometer when interfacing with PCs. To install the USB-ADP-PC adapter, refer to Figure 2 and use the following procedure: 1. Plug the connector (10 pin) into the spectrometer (right 10 pins on the HR2000). 2
  • Current Sharing for High Density DC Modules (.pdf)
    Paralleling of DC/DC converters is often used to increase the output power capability of a single unit by connecting the outputs of two or more converters in parallel. By connecting the parallel pin of each module together, the units will share the load current equally within a few percent
  • Are You Taking Full Advantage of Pneumatic Valve Technology? (.pdf)
    Pneumatic valves have come a long way since the development of the compressor over a century ago. Starting with large manual and mechanical valves, they migrated to individually wired electric solenoids and ultimately ended up with plug-into-the-base electronics allowing for a single multi-pin
  • Programming Baseline Flash Devices with PICkit TM 1
    . Other pins should be left unconnected. The adapter may be built to plug into the PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit 14-pin Evaluation Socket, or into the 14-pin J3 connector at the right most edge of the main PICkit board.
  • USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter Used with USB-BP Battery Pack and/or USB LS-450 Light Source
    with one panel screw and one standoff on the left side, and one modified panel screw (4-40 tapped end) and one standoff on the right side. When a USB-LS-450 Light Source is used, secure it with modified thumbscrew and modified standoff. Then, plug in the USB-ADP-H serial adapter 10-pin connector
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    of Load Alliance and announced it would team with Texas Instruments Inc. to expand a global effort to promote pin-compatible, non-isolated, point of load plug-in power modules and provide
  • Hot-Plugggability And Turn On Delay In DC/DC Converters
    in an operating (hot) system, the converter must be able to withstand at its input the instantaneous input voltage without disturbing the operation of the system. The input capacitance of the DC/DC converter must be charged instantaneously to (hot) VIN. In non-hot pluggable DC/DC converters, the input current
  • Medical Device Link . Portable Data Carriers Add Function and Convenience to Medical Instruments
    Plug-in memory devices provide increased efficiency and productivity to medical equipment. Portable memory devices continue to proliferate thanks to the wide variety of storage formats available and the diversity of potential applications. UPC bar codes, magnetic-stripe PIN cards, and cards
  • Smart Computing Article - Jabber to justification
    On your CPUs are numerous jacks, including those for a keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, and a modem/phone line hookup. A jack is a socket or receptacle into which a connector (or plug) is inserted, especially for audio devices, such as sound cards, and telecommunications equipment
  • The Future of Barrier Packaging
    and materials used to make plug assists or forming pins that will enhance the ability to form the structure, and allow for more radical shapes with less risk of pin-holes, delamination and stress fracturing. Here, technology is also poised for major technological changes. In order to achieve