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Parts by Number for Pin Tester Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DAN 68-012-01 PEI-Genesis Daniels Mfg. Not Provided PIN TESTER TIP #12
DAN 68-023-01 PEI-Genesis Daniels Mfg. Not Provided PIN TESTER TIP #23
DAN 68-022-01 PEI-Genesis Daniels Mfg. Not Provided PIN TESTER TIP #22

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  • Friction Testers and Wear Testers
    the amount or type of wear (material removal or transfer) that occurs between two surfaces under wet conditions, dry conditions, lubricated conditions, or with abrasive particles. A pin on disc tester is a common machine used for wear tests. An applied load is transmitted through the pin to a rotating disc
  • Verifying Cable Tester Programs
    these two questions depends on the number of test points in all the connectors in the assembly. Beeping out a simple 9 pin serial cable requires 153 questions and answers. A slightly bigger parallel printer cable, with 25 contacts on one end and 36 on the other, requires 1830 questions and answers
  • Application: Function PCB Testers Use Reed Relays
    ). standard SIL and MS in-line pin layouts are both considered standards in the. Co. C i. o l. l Ch. C a. h r. a ac. a t. c er. e is. i tic. i s*. s. industry and meet the stringent conditions for high quality and reliability. All. Coil Resistance. 135. 150. 165 Ohms. series can carry up to 1 amp
  • Quality Control of Minidisk Polymer Topcoat Using Nano Scratch Tester and Tribometer
    and was characterised using the Nano Scratch Tester and the pin-on-disk Tribometer. By using two different instruments to characterise such a surface enables adhesion data (scratch testing) to be combined with frictional and lifetime data (pin-on-disk testing) which together give a better overall
  • Surface Mount PGA Connector Technology Enables Development of Custom Automotive Board to Board Connector System (.pdf)
    in an existing, molded PGA wafer. The result of combining our proven technologies was a surface mount, interstitial. pin grid array (PGA) connector.
  • The Case for Synthetic Instrumentation (.pdf)
    goes back over a number. of years and was briefly explored by the military in programs such as Equate and Universal Pin Electronics. in the late 1970s and early 1980s. At that time, the technology was not available to render the concept into. a commercial reality and the resulting implementations
  • Stepper Motor Reference Design
    . Stepper motors are also found in industrial equipment such as robotics, electronic component handlers, testers, dispensers, and other manufacturing equipment. untitled AN155. STEPPER MOTOR REFERENCE DESIGN. 1. Introduction. timing. The low-pin count package has enough pins to. drive the stepper
  • Guidelines for Testing Electronic Components
    the following tests. One wire (pin 1 to pin 2). Two 100 ohm resistors (one from pin 3 to pin 4 and one from pin 5 to pin 6). Two diodes pointing toward each other (both cathodes [striped ends] to pin 8, one anode to pin 7, the other anode to pin 9). Replace the wire (pins 1 and 2) with a 100-ohm resistor