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  • Safe-Cut Provides Safe, Efficient Waterjet Cutting Services to Refinery Industry
    accurate product level measurements. This required Safe-Cut to cut a vertical slot 24 " high by 1 ½ " wide at the bottom of a 40' riser pipe submerged in the tank. To do this job with conventional methods would have required that they drain, clean, and de-gas the tank before cutting the pipe. Instead
  • One laser head, one plasma torch, one cutting table
    Related TechCells Tube and Pipe Fabrication CAD/CAM Software Home \ Laser Cutting \ Articles \ One laser head, one plasma torch, one cutting table. One laser head, one plasma torch, one cutting table. One laser head, one plasma torch, one cutting table. By Douglas Shuda. July 8, 2011
  • Better Plasma Cutting on Stainless Steel
    When it comes to cutting stainless steel,. plasma cutting isn't the first method. that comes to mind for most metal. fabricators. Odds are they aren't cutting a lot of. stainless steel plate, however. Penn Stainless Products does just that. From its. 200,000-square-foot facility in Quakertown, Pa
  • Plasma Gouging - It's a gash. Plasma technology isn't just for cutting.
    . CAD/CAM Software. Cutting. Finishing. Folding. Hydroforming. Machining. Materials Handling. Metals/Materials. Power Tools. Punching. Roll Forming. Safety. Shop Management. Stamping. Testing and Measuring. Tube and Pipe Fabrication. Tube and Pipe Production. Welding. Article Archive. Industry
  • The Bucket Drilling Method
    polymers are added as needed to keep the borehole open during the drilling process. This is in lieu of large mixing/separation pits or tanks typical of other methods of drilling (i.e., reverse rotary). The combination of the drilling fluid and the side cutting teeth produce an oversized borehole along
  • Case History: Rehabilitation of Failed Corrugated Metal Pipe - Monmouth, NJ (.pdf)
    inlet between a home and. metal pipe. an adjacent restaurant which were only 25 feet. • Tough, but thin, sidewall to give the high-. apart. Dig and replace would represent a major. est flows possible after lining. The Snap-Tite. cost involving digging, cutting a stand of trees,. joint makes a solid
  • Epoxy Coating Systems on Steel Pipe
    . Once corrosion starts in these failed areas, under cutting. of the epoxy will become a problem causing more and more epoxy to lose adhesion. Corrosion will continue to. destroy the pipe in these events. COATING SELECTION, APPLICATION METHOD, AND KNOWLEDGABLE APPLICATOR ARE A PRIMARY CONCERN
  • The Bucket Drilling Method: For Drilling in Soil Below Groundwater Level
    holes from 10 to 60 inches in diameter. Bucket drilling uses a cylindrical bucket with cutting blades or teeth mounted on a hinged bottom to repeatedly cut and lift sediments from the borehole. To drill, the bucket is rotated to allow the bottom of the cutting teeth to fill the bucket. When

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