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Parts by Number for Pipe Sleeve Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1VPB3 Grainger Industrial Supply Parker Hannifin Corporation Pipe Fittings Nut And Sleeve, Poly-Tite(TM), Tube Size 1/4 In, Tube Connection, Material of Construction Brass, Brass Sleeve, Hex Size 7/16 In, Length .38 In, Pressure 150 PSI, Temp Range 0 To 150 Deg F, Package Quantity 10
1VPH5 Grainger Industrial Supply Parker Hannifin Corporation Pipe Fittings Nut And Sleeve, Hi-Duty, Tube Size 1/8 In, Tube Connection, Material of Construction Brass, Hex Size 0.312 In, Length .656 In, Pressure (PSI) 4300, Temp Range -65 To 250 Deg F, Package Quantity 5
1VPB2 Grainger Industrial Supply Parker Hannifin Corporation Pipe Fittings Nut And Acetal Sleeve, Poly-Tite(TM), Tube Size 1/2 In, Tube Connection, Material of Construction Brass Nut, Acetal Copolymer Sleeve, Hex Size 3/4 In, Length .44 In, Pressure 150 PSI, Temp Range 0 To 150 Deg F, Package Quantity 10
Bulkhead Union (PFFCB)   Industrial Specialties Mfg., Inc. Pipe Fittings Body, nut with snap-in sleeve, furnished assembled
557410   GF Piping Systems Pipe Fittings Sleeve coupling, 2 lbs
10-78   Kee Safety Inc. Pipe Fittings Designed to give a 90 ° butt joint between two pipes. Frequently used for the joint between end uprights and the middle rail on safety railing where the site is straight and level. Also for base ties on racking. This fitting cannot be used where the pipe through sleeve 'A' is required...
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    Induction is used in a process to harden a steel pipe segment to improve wear-resistance. Disappointed with low quality levels in a previously outsourced process, the customer uses induction to bring the heat treatment and the control of the end-product quality in-house.
  • Steel Weights
    This calculator allows you to determine the approximate weight of your raw material using the density factor for the metal family selected and the dimensions of the shape (round bar, flat bar, square bar, hex bar, octagon bar, sheet, strip, plate, pipe, tubing, wire, rings, hubs, discs, shafts
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