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  • Pipeline Crude Pumping Station Solves
    A regional light crude pipeline operator in the mountain states of the U.S. was looking for an economical, accurate method to measure crude inventory flow within its pumping stations. The pipeline operator specializes in transporting partially processed crude to other lines or main terminals
  • Pipeline Defect Flaw Detectors
    Pipeline defect flaw detectors locate surface or sub-surface cracks, inclusions or pores in tubing, piping or pipelines. Pipelines are usually constructed of steel, so NDT techniques suitable for ferrous alloys are typically used. The length and internal diameter of pipelines, tubing or piping
  • Intelligent Control Room Management for Oil & Gas Pipeline Safety
    inspection where the. equipment or configuration. adequacy of control room management plans and training will. be reviewed, as will the operator’s compliance with each of the. • Operating Experience. above-referenced requirements. Pipeline operators are required to review their operating expe-. rience
  • Pipeline External Corrosion Analysis Using a 3D Laser Scanner
    Pipeline operators are getting increasing pressure from regulatory authorities and. environmentalists to guarantee the integrity of their pipeline network, while facing. financial pressure to minimize their maintenance cost. This paper presents a new. approach to pipeline external corrosion
  • Impact of 3D Laser Data Resolution and Accuracy on Pipeline Dents Strain Analysis
    Mechanical damage represents a major problem and a threat to pipeline integrity. Even if. there is more corrosion typically found on pipeline networks, the number of leaks associated to dents is greater. Dent analysis methods used today are being questioned, being simplistic and very conservative
  • Ultrasonic Inspection of Oil & Gas Pipelines
    A manufacturer of testing equipment for the oil refining industry needed a cable for ultrasonic inspection of oil and gas pipelines in Alaska to test for corrosion and cracks in the pipeline. Ultrasonic Inspection of Oil & Gas Pipelines Case Study | Multi/Cable. Request a Quote Home | Site Map
  • Custody Transfer Pipelines
    -. measurement technician for. by experienced pilots and observ-. sees more than 7000 miles of. Region III, Eastern Area of Sun. ers; periodic ground patrols for de-. crude oil and petroleum product. Pipeline Company, a wholly. tailed inspection of the pipeline en-. pipelines in 12 states and has addi-. owned
  • Minimize Product Line Downtime and Product Loss with Radiography Testing for Sorting and Containment
    Inspections by Industry Type. Automotive Critical Components. Foundries/Casting Critical Components. Forging Critical Components. Food Contamination. Welding (Spot Weld) Weld Quality/Failure. Electrical Components Crimped Wires / Bad Switches. Steel Mills Mixed Material. Power Generation Pipeline
  • Pilot Plant Partnerships
    for a 33-step synthesis that includes several esoteric reagents or proprietary catalysts. "Even then, " comments Vijay Samant, CEO of San Diego-based Vical, Inc., "when they outsource it's usually to make room for pipeline products. " Outsourcing needs change during any product development cycle. Early
  • How Part 11 Compliance Impacts QbD
    of Federal Regulations Part 11 (21 CFR Part 11), the electronic signatures and records act. As counterintuitive as this may seem, my experience with clients over the past few years has shown that a strategic, risk-based approach to Part 11 dovetails with QbD to improve a company s new product pipeline

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