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  • The Ultimate Tapping Screw for Plastics
    The marketplace is flooded by offerings of some format of high performance self-tapping screw that claims to work better than anything else for threading into plastic. Most seem to have more than just general buzz going for them; different flank angles, tailored pitches, graduated point diameters
  • Backlash Data for Various Leadscrew Options Available from EADmotors
    Backlash is the total amount of free movement between a lead-screw and a nut as measured along the axis of motion. Factors that influence backlash relate to thread geometry and especially include pressure angle and pitch diameter.
  • Do You Really Need That Setting Plug?
    in the first portion of the gage and measures your ring's pitch diameter, while the full form section in the back is used to make sure that there is proper clearance at the major diameter of your ring gage.