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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
4820-452 Global Industrial Insize Usa Not Provided Insize Pitch Gage, 4820-452, Metric 60 ° & Whitwirth 55 ° Screw, .4-7mm/4-42tpi Range 52 Pcs
4820-230 Global Industrial Insize Usa Not Provided Insize Pitch Gage, 4820-230, Unified 60 ° Pitch, 4 - 42tpi Range, 30 Pcs
4820-124 Global Industrial Insize Usa Not Provided Insize Pitch Gage, 4820-124, Metric 60 ° Pitch, 0.25 - 7.0mm Range, 24 Pcs
159M Global Industrial L. S. Starrett Company Not Provided Starrett 159m Screw Pitch Gage,V, Unified, 1 To 11.5
472 Global Industrial L. S. Starrett Company Not Provided Starrett 472 Screw Pitch Gage, V, Unified, 4 To 84
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  • Gage your way to simple QA
    for. checking lengths and outside diameters on the shop floor. They can also be used. for checking gear threads, depths and grooves. The most common type. incorporates two basic scales: the linear scale, which measures directly the axial. advancement of the spindle (usually identical to the pitch
  • Name that thread
    Four basic steps identify threads on industrial hydraulic fittings. Hydraulic fittings have either tapered or parallel threads. But tapered ones are not always pipe threads, and pipe threads can be parallel. Using a thread-pitch gage is the easiest way to determine pitch. Use calipers measure
  • Comparative ID/OD Gaging
    the inability of measured; or measuring a ring groove in a bore; the pitch diameter. most machine tools to hold tolerances much tighter than about 0.05 mm of an internal thread; the effective diameter of a barrel roller bearing;. (.002 in) for parts that large. But beware the gage claiming to measure
  • Optical Comparators in Medical Device Manufacturing
    . Screw Pitch Gages. Thickness Gages. Machinists' Precision Shop Tools. Surface Gages. Scribers. Edge And Center Finders. Punches And Sets. Screwdrivers And Sets. Pin Vises And Sets. Tap Wrenchs. V-Blocks. Jack Screws. Vise And Clamps. Other Shop Tools. Machinists' Levels. Metrology Equipment. Video
  • Ins and Outs of ID/OD Comparative Gaging
    a shoulder, for. example, where the entry diameter is. smaller than the diameter being mea-. sured; or measuring a ring groove in a. bore, the pitch diameter of an internal. “T” Plates give a diameter reading directly across the diameter. A third contact may be. thread, the effective diameter of a bar
  • It's a swing and a miss
    Announcers may no longer utter that statement if a concept baseball pitching machine comes to fruition. Full degree-of-freedom pitching machine featuring yaw and pitch-control frames. Stepper motor and gear belt rotate the pipe. Front view of the propulsion system consisting of an air tank, valve
  • Ball Bearing Radial Play (Internal Clearance)
    the inner and outer rings a looser radial play is recommended. Speed: As mentioned previously, high values of radial play result in high values of contact angle. When a bearing is rotating, the set of balls (or ball complement) is rotating about the pitch circle of the bearing, each ball is rotating
  • ATLANTA Rack & Pinion Drives Featured in Motion Systems Design Magazine Article
    drives with low (or zero) backlash and low (or. wear and binding. zero) pitch error are possible. The best way to reduce the back-. lash of a rack and. pinion drive is to. Rack and. increase the quality. pinion drives. are suitable. of the teeth, as well. for long travel. as their mounting
  • Avoiding Plating Headaches
    . Murphy (Murphy's Law), may dictate that you should get the thickness of fasteners reduced down to the 0.0002" range. This is sometimes allowed under the plating specification. Machinists, keep in mind that that for a 60 degree thread pitch angle a 0.0005" of plating will result in a 0.002" change
  • Inspection 101 - Toolroom Gauging
    identical to. the data over time en-. pressed and forced into a hole that is too small. Using the “no-go”. the pitch of the mi-. ables a shop to pre-. side, if the plug fits into the hole, then the hole is too large. crometer screw; and a. dict when parts will. circumferential scale. drift out

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