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  • Affordable Transient Protection - Filter Connectors with Multilayer Planer Varistor Arrays
    ”. The ultimate. Filter Capacitor, the Multilayer Planar Array is now available. d. with an additional function, that of transient protection. Built using Multilayer Varistor Planar Arrays, Transient. Protection Filter Connectors are about to become an affordable. commodity. Grain Boundary. 2. Varistors. d
  • Array Antennas
    configurations or element arrangements: linear, circular and planar arrays.  Depending on the type of elements combined and their arrangement, a wide variety of array antennas are possible such as dipole arrays, aperture arrays, slotted waveguide array and conical arrays.
  • Phased Arrays
    of a particular field component at the output relative to the phase at the input. Several types of driven phased arrays are possible such as collinear, franklin, curtain, linear or 1D, planar, circular, 2D & 3D. Planar array antenna has all of the active and parasitic elements in one plane
  • Medical Device Link . Passive Component Integration: An Array of Miniaturization Solutions
    remained custom components and have not become available as commercial products. Custom connector arrays with up to 150 capacitors have been manufactured since the mid 1980s. Many implantable pacemakers, defibrillators, and nerve stimulators use high-reliability versions of these planar arrays that can
  • AN0011 Solder Alloy Choice and Stress Release Cracking in Through Hole Ceramic Capacitors
    It has been well known for a number of years that solder alloy choice is a critical factor in soldering to ceramic discoidal and planar array capacitors. The introduction of lead free solder alloys as a result of the EU directive 2002/95/EC (the RoHS directive) has prompted further investigation
  • Diode Arrays Tutorial
    Microsemiconductor diode arrays also feature: low junction capacitance, fast switching, isolated diode chips manufactured by high reliability planar processing. American Microsemiconductor Inc. designs custom diode arrays in many diode array configurations and packages. Although these diode arrays are used in many
  • Large Optical Fiber Array Assembly and Method
    , and prevents moisture accumulation within the housing. It is then preferable to grind and/or polish the epoxy, cladded core tips, and the forward mask to produce a precise planar matrix surface with fiber cores diameter flush against this planar forward mask face surface. If desired, the housing aft
  • High Density, Angled Optical Fiber Array and Method
    .; Edward Claims What is claimed is: 1. A method of making an optical fiber array having a housing and a front mask at the forward end of the housing, the mask having initially a planar forward face and forming predetermined numbers of openings arranged in a predetermined pattern, said method

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