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  • Gearboxes and Gearheads-Image
    Gearboxes and Gearheads - (929 companies)
    ...of the gearbox, then they must have equal helix angle but opposite hands. Spur gears, are straight-toothed gears with radial teeth that transmit power and motion between parallel axes. Planetary gears have two or more small gears that are mounted...
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    Gear Ratio
    Output Torque
    Maximum Input Power
  • Gearbox Repair Services-Image
    Gearbox Repair Services - (136 companies)
    ...and correspondingly higher torque. Gear and gearbox repair services that specialize in speed reducers with spur, helical, planetary, harmonic, or worm gearing arrangements are commonly available. Gearbox Functions. Gear repair and gearbox repair services may perform...
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  • Planetary Mixers-Image
    Planetary Mixers - (56 companies)
    Planetary mixers have set of rotating blades that sweep off-axis to the drive motor within a tank. One blade scours the surface of the tank while the other disperses the mixture. Most planetary mixers have two mixing blades that rotate around...
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  • Gearmotors-Image
    Gearmotors - (623 companies)
    Gearmotors consist of an AC or DC motor with an integral gearbox or gear head typically used to adjust the motor's output speed and torque. Gearmotors are electric motors that utilize a type of gear system on the output of the motor. This gearing...
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    Wheel and Track Drives - (14 companies)
    ...assembly which is placed within an individual wheel or into a drive sprocket for tracked vehicles. This eliminates the need for a drivetrain to transmit power from a central engine to the vehicle's rolling elements. The planetary gearboxes have two, three...
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    Slewing Drives - (17 companies)
    Slewing drives are a type of special gearbox designed to translate axial movement, typically of a worm gear, to radial movement. Typical applications of slewing drives include wind turbines, solar tracking systems, satellite broadcasting systems...
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    Gear Manufacturing Services - (400 companies)
    ...shaped gears with straight teeth on the inner diameter and a circular outer diameter. Often used with a spur gear. Internal ring gears may be used within a planetary gear arrangement. Miniature gears are smaller gears which require precision machining...
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    Roller Screws - (25 companies)
    ...stiffness and smooth motion. Roller screws, also commonly known as planetary roller screws or satellite roller screws, convert rotary to precise linear motion in a similar manner to ball screws or lead screws. Roller screw devices have a greater number...
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    Thread Rolling Machines - (36 companies)
    ...or metric threads. Other types of symmetrical threads include Whitworth and acme threads. The two main types of thread rolling machines are the planetary thread rolling machine and the rotary thread rolling machine. Planetary thread rolling machines...
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    Variable Transmissions - (96 companies)
    ...the center of each shaft at 0 angle. With an offset parallel orientation the input (driving) shaft and the output (driven) shaft are parallel, however they reside in the gearbox at different heights above the horizon. A right angle orientation has...
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  • MAZ-535 and MAZ-537 (8 × 8) series of trucks
    … Side slope Vertical obstacle forwards Turning radius Engine narrative D12A-525, V-12, water cooled, diesel, 525 hp at 2,100 rpm … … in exhaust Auxiliary engine Gearbox model Planetary with smooth start device … … Alternator × , Generator × , 15 CDW Firepower Armament × …
  • Oshkosh (10 × 10) Palletized Load System (PLS)
    … differential locks centre rear Rockwell SVI 5MR (now AxleTech) with planetary hub-reduction and individual … … Engine narrative Caterpillar C- 15 , 15.2 litre, in … … water cooled, diesel, 600 hp model Caterpillar C-15 … … in exhaust Auxiliary engine Gearbox model Allison 4500SP automatic …
  • Dubbel
    … ignition car-engine P 83 Plancksches radiation law D 3 planetary gear B 23 leveling … … speeds N 29 Pneumatic gear T 16 Pneumohydraulik H … … PPS E 70 D 15 polyurethane elastomers PUR 69 … … PP E 70 polystyrene PS E E 73 polyvinyl …
  • Dubbel
    … piezoelectric force measuring technique W 14 piezoelectricity V 15 -, piezoelectric transducer V 15 fungi N 37 pin-photodiodes I 15 PI regulator X 12 … … P 87 D 3 planetary gear B 25 plan … … speeds N 30 Pneumatic gear T 16 Pneumohydraulik H … Polystyrene PS E 78 Polysulfone PSU / PES E 78 polytetrafluoroethylene POLYTETRAFLUOROETHYLENE E 79 Polytrope D 15 …
  • Automotive Transmissions
    6-speed automatic gearbox ZF 6 HP 602 C; gearbox diagram and power flows Figure 6.64. … 3 3-line converter; 4 oil pump; 5 retarder; 6 clutch A; 7 clutch B; 8 clutch C; 9 brake D; 10 brake E; 11 brake F; 12 planetary gear set I; 13 … … planetary gear set III; 15 output shaft with output …
  • Realtime Simulation of Detailed Vehicle and Powertrain Dynamics
    The figure below shows a typical Modelica model of a gearbox (Lepelletier wheelset, 6-speed, from the commercial Modelica PowerTrain [ 15 , 16, 18] library available from Dynasim) used e.g. to model a ZF 6 HP 26. The model includes planetary and Ravigneaux gear sets, clutches, brakes and inertias.
  • Hybrid vehicles
    This system is in America already in more than 1000 buses successfully in use [ 15 ]. The drive of the bus occurs through a Cummins diesel engine in the execution ISBe5-250B with 250 PS and a cylinder capacity of 6,7 L as well as the hybrid gear EP50SystemTM of the firm Allison transmission. This hybrid drive system consists of 2 electromachines, 2 synchronous clutches as well as 3 planet gears.
  • Rolls-Royce Allison T56
    The gearbox weighs (early versions) 204 kg (450 lb), (A- 15 onwards) 249 kg (550 lb) and contains a primary spur gear followed by a planetary gear giving an overall reduction of (early) 12.5, (A-15 onwards) 13.54. One group mounted on remote gearbox under the compressor and driven off the HP shaft; a second …
  • TAMSE VCLC series armoured rocket launchers
    … departure Gradient Side slope Vertical obstacle forwards reverse Trench Turning radius Engine narrative MTU MB 833 Ka-500, 6 cylinders, supercharged, diesel, 720 hp at 2,400 rpm … … in exhaust Auxiliary engine Gearbox model Renk HSWL 204 planetary type forward gears 4 … … be noted that solid propellant rockets have a typical life of about 10- 15 years after which …
  • Gear train
    It consists of the gear types HS (Standardausfuhrung with options primary retarders and modulation clutch, Abb.7.75) and WR-PS (with separate torque converter and in the gearbox integrated distributor). … modular system consists of following main assemblies: basic gear, bearing manual transmission with planet sets and lamella … … 12 free wheel for guide wheel; 13 second turbine stage; 14 guide wheel; 15 first turbine stage …