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  • Impact Hammers-Image
    Impact Hammers - (56 companies)
    ...of the hammer head are another common accessory. These are used to increase excitation force beyond the force of the plain hammer. Some impact hammers come as a kit that can include the hammer, an accelerometer to be mounted to the object being tested, signal... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Hammers and Mallets-Image
    Hammers and Mallets - (177 companies)
    It consists of multiple parts: face, eye, neck, throat, crown, and claw. The striking face is what makes contact with a material or object. Crowed hammer faces drive nails without leaving marks on a surface. A hammers throat is attached to the neck and allows... Learn More
  • Tool Kits-Image
    Tool Kits - (136 companies) General-purpose tool kits for repairing copiers and office equipment are also available. Some tool kits are insulated and/or include insulated tools to protect users from electric shock. A basic insulated took kit usually contains tools... Learn More
  • Splice Kits-Image
    Splice Kits - (62 companies)
    How to Select Splice Kits. Split Kit. Image Credit: Splice Kit with Cleaver. Image Credit: 3M. Splice kits are used to establish a connection between two cables. They can come in many configurations, depending on the type of wire... Learn More
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    Demolition Hammers - (16 companies)
    ...or breaker hammers) are handheld power tools that are used in the removal of hardened materials such as rock, concrete, and asphalt. The internal mechanism of a demolition hammer incorporates a piston which continuously strikes a bit or chisel to deliver... Learn More
  • Riveters and Riveting Machines - (158 companies)
    Riveters and Riveting Machines Information. Riveters and riveting machines insert fasteners through aligned holes in parts to be joined, then press or hammer them from the insertion side to provide the second retaining head. Riveters and riveting... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Hand Tools - (2020 companies)
    ...of a screw to drive the screw into the object to be fastened. Wrenches are used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. Hammers are hand tools that deliver repeated blows to an object. For example, a hammer is used to drive a nail into wood. Specialty... Learn More
  • Pneumatic Tools - (252 companies)
    ...and airbrushes. An air impact wrench stores energy in a rotating mass or hammer for delivery to an output shaft. These pneumatic tools are sometimes called air wrenches, air guns, rattle guns, or torque guns. They are available in many standard socket... Learn More
  • Forging Machines (hot forming) - (30 companies)
    ...the part. The punch's ram causes this malleable metal to conform to the shape of the punch and die cavities. Power hammers or drop hammers, as drop forging equipment is known, may use pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical power. The dies and punches may... Learn More
  • Hand and Power Tool Repair Services - (33 companies)
    Hand and power tool repair services specialize in the repair and maintenance of hand-held air, electric, and manually-powered tools. Hand tool repair services fix manually-operated tools such as calipers, hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches... Learn More
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  • CR4 - Thread: Difference Between Sheet and Plate Terms Used in Sheetmetal Fabrication do with the older trades who dealt with these materials and the equipment and tools that they use, for example you won't find a sledge hammer in a sheetmetalworker's tool kit - instead he'll have a planishing hammer and vice versa for...
  • Pneumatic Tools - Pneumatics - Grainger Industrial Supply
    • Air Planishing Hammers  (1 • Air Tool Combination Kits  (1 .
  • Dictionary of Materials and Testing, Second Edition
    ...plane stress fracture toughness, Kc See stress intensity factor. planimetric method A method of mea- suring grain size in which the grains within a definite area are counted. planishing Producing a smooth surface... ...dies or by a hammer designed for the pur... Parts, assem- bly, or kit that will replace similar com- ponentsoriginallyinstalledonequipment. retroreflection The process by which illu...
  • Dictionary of Civil Engineering
    The necessary force for accosting two not planished metal sheets, tightened by high-tension bolts. having undergone preliminary processing such as quenching and/or cold hammering . Equipment end Kit .
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers
    A craftsman who, by hand, hammers into a roller thebrass strips andfelt from which the wallpaper will... For example, a family mold for a model�?airplane kit would con- tain a cavity for each part... Planishing \| pla�?nish�?shen\ n.
  • Selected abstracts of metalworking literature September 1984–March 1985
    ...types of HERF machines and their respective industrial roles; the economics of HERF hammers ; and HERF pro... ...the Quality Of Rolled Pipes by Means of Applying New Grooving to Roils in the Planishing Mill. The process, called kitting , uses heavy duty machines to hog out most of the material to be...