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  • Facing the challenges of reducing PFC emissions in plasma chamber cleans
    Josep Arn o and Joseph D. Sweeney, used in the semiconductor industry for plasma etching and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) chamber clean applications. The global warming potential of these gases has triggered a significant effort to minimize their release into the atmosphere. In December 1997
  • Charged Particle Analysis in Plasma Assisted Processes
    Plasma for diverse range of applications : Thin Films, Industrial Coatings, Plasma Spraying, Decorative Coatings, Etching. Increased requirement for : reduced device geometry's, enhanced yields, faster process transfer, improved reproducibility. ./9b5c4f6b-ccda-46b9-8108-45c61373f04c Mass
  • Plastics for plasma etching
    It's a mistake to assume wafer clamp rings have to polyimide. Several other work about as well. Some surprising conclusions came out of clamp-ring material tests, which took place in a plasma-etch equipment from Tek-Vac Industries Inc. Each process chamber (square boxes, left and right) handles
  • Fast Camera Images of Flux Ropes During Plasma Relaxation
    . The viewing per-. bility, mode structures, relaxation. spective is end-on to the chamber as indicated in Fig. 1. In the. present setup, Alfvén times are estimated to be somewhat long. PLASMA relaxation, the tendency of plasmas to evolve (. –. s) as compared to gate times (40–200 ns),. toward
  • A Laboratory Plasma Experiment for Studying Magnetic Dynamics of Accretion Discs and Jets
    . chamber is large compared to the plasma so as not to affect. the plasma evolution. The gun setup, enlarged in Fig. 2,. includes (1) an inner electrode consisting of a 20.3 cm diam-. down. The optimum path for breakdown is along vacuum. eter copper disc (attached to end of blue re-entrant port),. field
  • Atmospheric Plasma Analysis by Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry (.pdf)
    in. at the second stage and 1.0mm. Figure 2. The EQP mass/energy analyser is housed in a vacuum chamber with a further two intermediate expansion chambers. at the entrance of the EQP. between it and the plasma. Each of these three chambers, or stages, are separated by aligned skimmer cones and continuously. mass
  • Study of Magnetic Helicity Injection via Plasma Imaging Using a High-Speed Digital Camera
    of this research is to study. the process of magnetic helicity injection in a simple laboratory experiment. Figure 1 shows a schematic of the experimental setup. A coaxial spheromak gun with. large planar geometry is installed on one end of a large vacuum chamber. A spheromak1 is a. plasma configuration
  • Mechnical Vacuum Pump Selection Considerations for Ion Pressure Nitriding, Plasma Nitriding and Nitro Carborising (.pdf)
    520oC), which may take 2 or 3 hours. The chamber is then re-. evacuated down to 5 mbar for the plasma process. A gas mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen is. introduced into the chamber and a glowing plasma of gas ions is created by applying a DC voltage

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