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  • Plasma Cutting
    Plasma Arc cutting is an excellent choice for most cutting applications but it is particulary well suited for applications where speed and excellent cut quality are important. Because of the intense heat of the plasma arc – around 40,000° F compared to 5,700° F, with gases used with Oxy-Fuel
  • Plasma Polymer Films
    Plasma Polymer Films. By explaining the present state and future trends of plasma polymerization, this text examines the deposition and characterization of fluorocarbon-, hydrocarbon- and silicon-containing plasma polymer films and nanocomposites, with plasma polymerization.
  • The Basics of Plasma Cutting
    Plasma cutting is the fastest cutting process on carbon steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Plasma cutting can be combined with waterjet or oxy fuel on the same part. Plasma cutting can be use for precision cutting on gauge material up to 6" thick stainless. ESAB invented plasma cutting in 1955
  • Heavy Piercing with Plasma
    High-density plasma arc cutting can effectively cut thick plate. The most challenging aspect, in fact, is that initial pierce. To that end, a few basic strategies help overcome this challenge, allowing the plasma to pierce through inches of metal as effectively as possible.
  • Putting Together a Plasma System
    Choosing a plasma power supply is one thing; putting together an entire system is something else altogether. A complete plan includes an X-Y table, CNC system, software, and fume control. Putting together a complete plasma cutting system can be a daunting task. It starts with the machine
  • This is not your grandfather's plasma
    JoAnn Bortles - Custom hot rod / motorcycle fabricator, welder, renowned painter and author - describes her misconceptions and how she rediscovered today's plasma capabilities
  • Plasma Maintenance - Keeping It Clean
    Contaminated air is the number one issue affecting plasma cut quality and consumable life. Here's how to recognize when you have an issue and how to fix it.
  • What is Plasma Arc Cutting?
    Plasma is defined in Websters as a "collection of charged particles ... containing about equal numbers of positive ions and electrons and exhibiting some properties of a gas but differing from a gas in being a good conductor of electricity ...". You can also think of it as an electrically heated

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