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    screen. Xtreem from Milacron Inc. does not require separate controller hardware, minimizes costs, and simplifies installation and training. According to Milacron, the Xtreem system is the first PC-based controller designed for plastic injection molding that allows drop-in integration of Avalon Vision
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    of contract services, is able to bond tubings of different durometers, sizes, and configurations. All tubing is customized to meet specifications. Cosmetic defects in adhesive application can be eliminated with use of a dispenser that employs a timed air pulse and adjustable vacuum for precise control
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    tubing. The Model 520 tubing coiler from Castle Engineering Co. pulls the tubing from a spool onto two adjustable posts, retains the shape, and cuts the coiled assembly. MPMN (Equipment News) - September 2003. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source
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    heat station is designed for tipping, welding, upsetting, bonding, and other related catheter manufacturing applications. The remote heat station allows the user to place the power supply separate from the tip-forming actuator. The unit features a low-friction pneumatic actuator with adjustable
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    . Several welding methods are suited for the bonding of plastic components, from laser systems to ultrasonic or vibration technology. Because the choice of a process can directly affect product integrity and manufacturing costs, careful consideration of the appropriate technique is critical. Criteria
  • Accessorize Your Cable Carrier
    guide troughs that are adjustable to the width of the specific style and size of the cable carrier being used so the proper clearance is maintained. Three different styles that igus® offers include: Aluminum “Super Trough”. This guide trough is low-cost and easy-to-assemble. Its low-noise
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    x 8 in. The model also offers standard platen mounting hole patterns, adjustable daylight settings in 1-in. increments, and up to a 10-tn clamp force. The machine was designed for miniature to medium-sized, single- or multicavity parts, and for insert molding applications. Automatic door opening
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    distribute other liquids or gases. Weighing less than a pencil, the XXS2000 is made almost entirely of plastic materials. Diagnostic and drug-delivery instruments are among the potential. Solenoid valve. Fluids only come in contact with a total-isolation solenoid valve’s body and seal. Part