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Parts by Number for Plastic Connector Covers Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
609159330501000 Newark / element14 AVX INTERCONNECT Not Provided AVX INTERCONNECT - 609159330501000 - CONNECTOR COVER; PLASTIC
609159330601000 Newark / element14 AVX INTERCONNECT Not Provided AVX INTERCONNECT - 609159330601000 - CONNECTOR COVER; PLASTIC
609159330401000 Newark / element14 AVX INTERCONNECT Not Provided AVX INTERCONNECT - 609159330401000 - CONNECTOR COVER; PLASTIC
CNS-0101-000-K Newark / element14 PACTEC Not Provided PACTEC - CNS-0101-000-K - PLASTIC CONNECTOR COVER
CNM-0407-000-K Newark / element14 PACTEC Not Provided PACTEC - CNM-0407-000-K - PLASTIC CONNECTOR COVER
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Conduct Research Top

  • Selecting Cabling and Connectors for Industrial Ethernet Applications (.pdf)
    copper-based solutions. There. are several advantages to using fiber-optic cabling and connectors. •. High transmission rates. •. No shielding protection is required. •. Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet in accordance to IEC 11801. There are several different fiber types to select from: • Plastic Optical
  • Choosing the Right Fluid Connector for Your Liquid Cooling Application - Part 1: Fittings
    to be serviced or maintained on the field. (See Figure 1). Couplings come in a variety of materials, including plastics such as acetal and nylon, which are cost-effective and compatible with a wide range of fluids. Plastic can also be molded into a variety of colors to distinguish between different fluid lines
  • Medical Device Link .
    different types of plastic. Another variation is tubing designed with more than two diameters. As a connector, bubble tubing replaces molded parts solvent bonded to a tube or assemblies consisting of a short piece of large-diameter tube solvent bonded to a long piece of small-diameter tube. Bubble tubing
  • Medical Device Link .
    of heat via a wire. The device is used primarily in an outpatient setting by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, veterinarians, general and family practitioners, ENTs, and ophthalmologists. The device uses a single handpiece connector (versus two in the company's previous model) and a single, easily cleaned
  • An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor
    A steering wheel sensor combining thick film conductive plastic and a. novel optoelectronics technology outputs both analog and digital data. for use by the General Motors StabiliTRAK system. Sensors - February 2000 - An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor. An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor A steering
  • Cordsets for Power Distribution
    pencils and Mylar with plastic lead. This was a fun experience in the sense that I ... Most recent post: Greg M. Jung... Agreed. However, there are still some 'older' technology tricks that still... From Dell / Intel (R). Increased Workstation Performance Is as Easy as 'DPPO'
  • Medical Device Link .
    Self-clinching, flush-head studs can be quickly mated without tools. The flush-head steel studs from ) feature X-Press threads to ease mating of plastic nuts and clips. The studs mount flush and permanently in steel or aluminum sheets as thin as 0.040 in. They can be installed using a standard
  • Heat-Shrink Tubing: The Versatile Tools for Maintenance and Repair (.pdf)
    what it is and does: a plastic tube that. shrinks permanently when heat is applied. How much it shrinks is determined by its shrink. ratio, commonly ranging from 2:1 to 6:1. A 2:1 shrink ratio means that a tube will shrink to half. its original diameter: a half-inch-diameter sleeve will shrink

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