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  • Assessing Food Safety of Polymer Packaging
    Assessing Food Safety of Polymer Packaging. Foods are packaged to protect them and keep them in good condition while they are delivered to shops, stacked on shelves or stored at home. This book is designed to help researchers in this field understand the theory of food safety in plastic packaging.
  • Crest Foods Chooses Sweco To Create World Class Facility
    dry food products from blending and mixing to packaging in pouches, cartons, and glass or plastic jars. In 2002, Crest Foods Contract Packaging division had outgrown their current facilities and began rethinking their contract packaging business. Crest originally had eight mixing stations embedded
  • Effect of Pressure Difference on Permeability Test for Plastic Film
    The barrier properties of packaging material play an important role in food and pharmaceutical packaging. Up to now, differential pressure method has the longest application history in barrier properties testing and been used in worldwide. With the development of testing and highly accurate
  • Plastics Consultancy Network - Artifact Analysis
    Established in 1987 Edwards Analytical is an independent consultancy for the analysis and evaluation of plastics, rubbers and packaging materials, particularly for the pharmaceutical, health care and food industries. Its major activity is in measuring and predicting plastic packaging / packaged
  • Oxygen in living color
    An oxygen-barrier test system helps designers ensure plastic packaging will keep food and beverages fresh for their intended shelf life. The chemical in the Oxygen Indicator Solution (OIS) is colorless in the reduced state. When exposed to oxygen, it turns blue, deepening in intensity
  • Curtains Give Plastics Manufacturer Flexible Possibilities
    Leading Industry, Inc. is a growing thermoplastics manufacturer turning out products such as blister packs, clamshells, plastic trays and packaging for electrostatic discharge (ESD), food, medical and retail products at a new facility in Oxnard, CA. Along with thermoforming they extrude their own
  • Leland Teschler's Editorial: Garbage in, Methane Out
    items notorious for filling up landfills fast-food packaging, disposable diapers, and plastic grocery bags really accounted for an almost negligible amount of dump space. In fact, researchers figured that landfill managers wouldn 't notice any difference if these items were completely out
  • Vacuum-formed films for fit and function
    , the advantage of thin-film (0.003 in.) fluoropolymer battery sleeves over thicker traditional injection-molded plastic sleeves becomes significant. Additionally, fluoropolymer films are replacing glass, stainless, solid PTFE, and injection-molded parts in custom lab ware, reaction vessels

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