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  • Plastics Processing Applications: Wood-Plastic Composites
    Wood-plastic composites may be one of the most dynamic sectors of today's plastic industry. Although the technology is not new, there is growing interest in the new design possibilities this mariage of materials offers. The production of WPC typically uses a fine wood waste (cellulose based fiber
  • How Pumps Work
    To see the basic principle of a tubing pump in action, lay a soft rubber or plastic tube across a hard, flat surface. (See Diagram Below) With a rolling pin, pinch the tube closed at the line A-A, then roll the rolling pin toward the line B-B. As the rolling pin is pushed forward, any fluid (liquid
  • Motion Control Drives Infusion Pump
    First. The mechanical part of the pump unit consists of an anodized aluminum frame topped by a yoke with two flanges on the underside in a fork configuration. The disposable cartridge, which sits atop the yoke, essentially consists of two parallel, transparent plastic tubes, each with passive check
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    ). The company offers miniature, leak-free gear pumps that are magnetically coupled, sealless, and nonpulsing. Pumps are also available in chemically resistant engineered plastic. Flow rates range from less than 1 ml/min to 38 L/min, with differential pressures up to 250 psi. The pumps can be used
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    Molded Plastic Gears Find Niche in Glucose Monitors, Magnetic Imaging Devices Compact, lightweight components are suited for mobile devices Although they can be as small as 12 mm OD and weigh less than 1 g, molded plastic gears can achieve reduction ratios up to 8000:1. Wave Drive technology
  • Radial Shaft Seals
    elements, or lightly loaded axial faces, and thus have extremely low internal wear and can match the bearing L10 life. They are usually machined from metal or plastic and have excellent chemical inertness, a wide temperature range, and good abrasion resistance. They are principally effective
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    running time, feed-screw configuration, material feed pressure, and the size of the dispense tip. Small-shot precision is best attained by using a shallow-thread 16-pitch feed screw with the 3-W motor. Chrome-plated stainless-steel feed screws are available for dispensing abrasive materials and plastic
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    are familiar with the more commonly used pump designs—piston, rod, gear, ball-check, and diaphragm. Positive-displacement piston pumps were derived from the rod-displacement-style pump, with a metal or engineered plastic piston affixed to the end of the pump shaft. Piston pumps are best suited

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