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  • Designing a Plastic Part
    prove difficult to avoid, adding a texture or matte finish can conceal or obscure them effectively. For plastic parts requiring a special pattern or look, the mold maker creates a mold cavity to give the part that particular appearance: wood or leather grain, or hundreds of other pre-determined
  • Application of OIM to Study Heterogeneous Deformation in the Vicinity Of Grain Boundaries (.pdf)
    . significant plastic deformation and strain/orientation through grain 4, at white arrow, which. was more favorable than fol owing the. gradients. Additional analysis has shown that a type of. 1-4 boundary that had no resolved. grain boundary character based upon interactions between. tensile stress
  • Assessment of Eutectic Solder Phase Growth in Under-The-Hood Power Control Modules (.pdf)
    to the. grains/phases in polycrystalline materials to grow. application of mechanical energy occurs when the stress. Grains coarsen because grain boundaries are areas of. levels result in plastic deformation. Plastic deformation. high potential energy. During grain coarsening, as grains. results
  • Monitoring Floor Panel Separation with a String Pot
    under monitoring. A precision plastic hybrid 10K-ohm potentiometer delivered a voltage divider output signal that was linearly proportional to the travel of the spring-loaded measuring cable, based on the movement of the grain bins, which the FieldLogger then read and recorded at 1 reading an hour
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    relative to the applied fatigue loading axis. Although the detailed mechanisms of the effect of grain size are still debated,8 it is generally accepted that irreversible plastic slip (micro-scale plastic deformation) occurs more readily in larger grains. It has also been shown that the stress field
  • Hydrogen in Sapphire - Part 1
    to plastic deformation. Hydrogen penetration was examined using infrared absorption measurements of O-H bond vibrations, which revealed two kinds of hydrogen defects. In single crystals, defects are characterized by sharp O-H absorption bands assigned to interstitial protons. Hydrogen impurities
  • Capacitive Sensors Help Solve Difficult Level Applications (.pdf)
    to. detect granular or powered materials like plastic pellets in a. hopper for injection molding processes. And intrinsically safe. NAMUR capacitive sensors are used in explosive areas, such as. grain elevators, to detect materials ranging from rice and barley. malt to corn and soybeans
  • Medical Device Link .
    , according to Emil Strumban, general manager of (Southfield, MI, USA). Synmatix is collaborating with researchers at US and Russian laboratories to develop and commercialize the technique. In severe plastic deformation, materials and alloys are subjected to loads exceeding 400 tn/sq in. These high loads

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