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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
KNOB National Microchip POTENTIOMETER Not Provided PLASTIC
D7PHM32PX20 PLC Radwell Sprecher & Schuh Not Provided SELECTOR SWITCH, PLASTIC, 3-POSITION, LONG KNOB, M
D7PLSR25 PLC Radwell Sprecher & Schuh Not Provided SELECTOR SWITCH, PLASTIC, 2-POSITION, STD. KNOB, S
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  • Selecting the Correct Knob
    knob, may not be suitable for wet or greasy situations. Pictured is the EN 597.1 metric size technopolymer plastic revolving mushroom knob with threaded stud. Tapered knobs: The length of these knobs makes them great for side-to-side or up/down movements. They are particularly good for applications
  • Characteristics of Common Plastics Used in Machine Components
    Softline Star Knobs, to provide a soft, ergonomic grip. Duroplast is a resin plastic reinforced with fibers (either cotton or wool) making it a fiber-reinforced plastic similar to glass-reinforced plastic. It is light, flexible and strong, but has low elasticity. Phenolic resins are among the most
  • The Basics of Pressure Regulators
    but not limited to corrosion resistant stainless steels, brass, aluminum and plastic. Stainless steel provides long life and is ideal for clean rooms and corrosive fluids. When cost is a major contributing factor, brass, aluminum and plastic regulators may be the best option. Aluminum is light weight while
  • Medical Device Link .
    differential, occluded inflow vacuum relief, flow-rate and vacuum-level variation, and retrograde flow testing. The 3-T valve is constructed of a clear plastic that allows the surgeon and perfusion personnel to view its status at all times. The material meets USP Class VI requirements. 3-T
  • How to Select a Strobe
      or  Phaser‐Strobe  when . operated in internal battery mode.  The clear vinyl cover slips over the entire Strobe like a glove to keep foreign material from . getting  inside  the  Stroboscope.  Customers  can  fabricate  their  own  protective  splash  proof  plastic  or  vinyl  cover  to  keep
  • Insert Material - Brass versus Stainless Steel
    Assemblies made of plastic or other soft materials often rely on threaded metal inserts to secure fasteners and reinforce joints. Though stainless steel may be appropriate for use in some applications it is often unnecessary. Brass inserts can satisfy the majority of performance requirements while
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice (continued)
    variations or the passage of time. 1050 Cindy Ln., Carpinteria, CA 93013. An assortment of more than 600 needles, tin caps, and covers for manual and air-operated dispensing systems is included in a single kit. Blunt, stainless-steel, nonsterile needles with plastic luer-lock hubs are supplied in lengths
  • Medical Device Link .
    coated electrical leads for pacemakers, hard and biocompatible coatings for guide wires and stents, tool coatings, molded plastic optics, and decorative coatings for objects such as faucets and knobs. The Cyclone system provides short cycle times, and it needs minimal cleaning and maintenance because
  • Cam-action switches
    sit on a spring-loaded cam follower. The cam follower rides on a specially configured cam. The cam is affixed on a shaft that connects to the front knob of the switch assembly. The shaft can be metal or plastic. Each cam also contains at least one notch. When the spring-loaded cam follower falls
  • Wired 9.07: Fetish
    speakers, a CD player, a power adapter, and a remote - renders the construction toy's signature knob pattern in Lego-authentic ABS plastic. A standard jack takes audio input from MP3, minidisc, and other players, while optional CD holders, $30 each, add more blocks to the stackable set. For stateside use

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