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Microwelder Provides 2-�m Position Resolution in Plastic Assembly Assembly of plastic microfluidic components has been facilitated with the introduction by Leister Technologies LLC of its Novolas � laser welding system. The patented system combines a diode laser, precision mask...

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  • Safety analysis report -- Packages LP-50 tritium package (Packaging of fissile and other radioactive materials)
    ...blind cap and gasket Tungsten Inert Gas Welding machine 1/16" diameter ER-308L stainless steel filler rod (with identifying label ) Stainless steel wire brush... ...and gloves Completely outfitted plastic suits (where required) Freon... ...Q-Tips Round file Engraver OC Amneter Foam wad...
  • A simple below-ground marker for permanent plots in urban and suburban environments
    ...0.5 ) diameter PVC electrical conduit PVC connector PVC connector locking cap 4 (∼10-cm) plastic wire fastener Plastic pot label Metal electrical base plate... ...PVC cement Plasti Dip plastic coating (PDI, Inc.) Paint... ...Permanent marking pen Saw Engraver Respirator Rubber gloves .
  • Combinatorial Library
    The resin-bound products are placed into either polypropylene 96-well plates or plastic syringes (with a... The reaction vessels (plates, syringes) are etched with a needle, razor blade, or engraver and all labels are removed.
  • Sell 3D advertising cnc engraving router machine/advertising cnc Engraver
    XK-1325 3D advertising cnc engraving machine/advertising cnc Engraver ...of machines are hi-speed ones used for large character cutting and large labels production in advertising... ...large character cutting , label production ,LED/Neon slot-shope ,pass-shaper character cutting and plastic -absorbing light-box .
  • Chemical composition of selected core samples, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho
    ...5 g) and 7 g of lithium tetraboratewere mixed for 10minutes in a plastic mixingjar with an... The beads then were labeled with an engraver .
  • Laser Engraving and Marking Metals
    Typical areas of application for laser marking of metals include product labeling and coding in the electronics... Entry-level fiber laser engraver for marking metals & plastics .
  • Stories from Laser Camp: outreach activities for kids
    ...the end of the session, the students are all given a piece of plastic fiber to take... ...cardboard tube, laser cut slit (cut of poster board with the TRCC laser engraver ) and diffraction grating... ...we use circles cut from a used recordable CD, after stripping off the label with a piece...
  • Marking in the Advertising Industry
    Realize functional labeling , such as size data, scales, serial numbers, barcodes or datamatrix codes. Entry-level fiber laser engraver for marking metals & plastics .
  • Laser ENgraving and Cutting on Plastics
    Entry-level fiber laser engraver for marking metals & plastics Turn-key laser workstation with galvo marking laser for industrial marking & labeling .
  • Laser Marking in the Medical Industry
    Upgradable CO2 laser engraver for demanding entry-level users Mid-size fiber laser machine for marking metal and plastics Turn-key laser workstation with galvo marking laser for industrial marking & labeling .
  • The analysis of decontaminated defense waste salt supernate for I-129
    ...duplicate 25-m1 sample determination) IM NaOH (for cleaning) Drierite (or equivalent dessicant) Neutron activation analysis rabbits Polyethylene inserts for rabbits Whatman #41 filter paper Tygon tubing (for insert-to-pump connection) Dessicator Peristaltic pump Engraver (to label rabbits) Vacuum Sample Preparation... ...column to a peristaltic tubinq (Tygon connections were used 0.5 ml/min, downflow. pump with plastic here).
  • Printing electrodeposition of metals to produce longer-wearing images; (4) electromechanically by electronic engravers to make relief... of cast type metal called stereotypes, electroplated metal called electrotypes, and cast plastic or rubber plates. ...large plates for lithography, flexography, and wraparound letterpress where multiple exposures, as for label printing, are required.